Millie and Grayson in their polka dots.

The whole family - (L to R) Emily, Seth, Ron, Mil, Justin, Grayson, Jon, Josh, Maya, Anne, Julia, Emily, Jon, Matthew, Ally, Karen, and Jeremy

Grayson and dad digest their Thanksgiving meals.
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With a new baby, I guess you spend much of your time experiencing lots of "firsts". It's pretty fun actually, even when things are challenging. Here are some firsts we've had in the last week...

First trip to Windy Gap and also first time meeting a bunch of our best friends. Mommy is fired for not taking pictures of everyone though. Grayson did really well. We got to stay at the new Blue Ridge building at camp (picture below of the common room overlooking camp), which is like staying in a $300/night bed and breakfast. It was wonderful (aside from packing, seriously, we took everything we own).

First shots...yikes...no pictures of this, but Justin did make me take a video on my phone of her bright pink bandaids and her crying. The grandparents were not so happy with that text message. I had to send a back up one once we got home with a picture of her already asleep. Grayson is officially 11lbs 6 oz (75th percentile) and 24.25 inches long (95th percentile! what did we expect with a 5'9" mommy and a 6'1" daddy?!)

First small group Thanksgiving dinner...notice Grayson's "I just got my shots today so I'm a bit drugged" look. This video of us trying to get the babies lined up for a picture is hysterical. Check out (right to left)...Anna Cate's obsession with Maddie's head and ears, Maddie trying to hug on Charlie, Charlie trying to hold down the fort with all of the ladies, Brooke just chillin', and again, Grayson's drugged, please put me to bed look..not to mention the flashing cameras. So funny. We're really thankful for this small group family of ours.

We're on to Thanksgiving tomorrow and Gray's first Christmas ball-making party at her grandparents house on Sunday. More to come on those events!


She's Her Father's Daughter

I taught Grayson this self defense tactic (you have to turn up your volume around 0:14 into it). Usually an attacker won't say "I'm gonna get youuu!" in such a cute motherly voice, but then again Philip Rivers wears a red jersey during practice so the defense knows not to tackle him - so I figured she's in good company.

Other pictures from today:

Kickin' It

Kickin' It On The Flip Side


Laundry Day

For the first 4.5 years of marriage, you could only do the laundry in our house if you had a master's degree. Funny enough, that changed once Grayson came along. I got the tutorial (again) and did 2 or 3 of our 7 (yes, 7) loads of laundry on Sunday.

As I was putting a new crib sheet on Grayson's mattress, Millie informed our little one of the newest benefit of living in our house, "Now Grayson, everyone gets clean sheets on the weekend." I told Gray that it didn't matter what she did; if she stayed out late and missed curfew, won 1st place in the science fair, or got a 'D' on a paper - nothing would change the fact that she got clean sheets on the weekend. Kinda like our Father's love for her.

Millie shows Grayson (and dad) that not all clothes can go in the dryer