Sweet Sisters

Reading library books to Finley...

Singing songs to her...

This little one is so smiley!
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Consignment Sales

It's that season again, and Grayson got a special treat at this year's consignment sales. We're still working on it of course, but she's digging the "new" ride. I mean really, how old does this 2-year-old look?! Around the sales she said at lunch one day "I can get new mamas at the consignment sales". Ha. Guess she wasn't so thrilled with me that day. A big change from her current status of wanting to be near mama 24/7.

A few updates in her toddler world..
--She rarely stops talking. Today we left the house at 8:30 to get free Chik-fil-a chicken minis, delivered some to Justin at work, and then drove to storytime at 9:30. I listened carefully and she did not stop talking except for when she was swallowing her breakfast. Literally.
--She loves to sing songs.
--She loves to ask questions. Especially about people's names and animal's names.
--She thinks everyone must own a cat or a dog.
--She is starting to negotiate. "One more minute?" is a frequent request.
--She is still a great eater and has developed her mama's sweet tooth. Especially for icecream.
--Whenever she sees Finley she either says a) "Hey little buddy" or b) she sing-songs "Finley Finley Finley"
--Whenever she sees a dog or a baby she says "awwwwwww, look at that doggie/baby"
--We've been working on a "letter of the week" for the past 4 weeks and she's starting to recognize her letters (crazy to me!).

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What? We have a blog?

Impromptu family photo shoot...
(note: why is Finley always wearing a gender nuetral color when I a) take a picture of her or b) take her out so everyone can say "oh, he's so cute!")

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Apolo Anton Ohno

In the spirit of the winter Olympics, Justin and Grayson dressed up like Apolo Ohno and "speed skated" down the hallway. I was getting Finley ready for bed and caught them putting on Maggie's (clean) bandanas...

Grayson loved the Olympics this year, but was mostly interested in the figure skating because we pumped it as "like ballet" on ice. Girl loves just about anything that involves a tutu and spinning. Her favorite moment was when they showed a short video clip of Rachael Flatt skating when she was only 3 years old. Thankfully it was recorded on tape (yes we still own a VHS) so we could actually fulfill the "I see it again mama!" request.
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Happy Girl!

She has her smile down for sure and gives it out freely, especially after she's done eating before she gets too sleepy. She also smiles on her changing table and whenever we brush her spiky hair. She also laughs...short little bursts that sound a bit like quick coughs and "aaa" sounds. We love you sweet blue-eyed girl!
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Aunt Ali, cousin Avery and cousin Jackson came to town to visit for a whole week! We kicked off their visit with a trip to the NC Zoo (thanks MayMay and Peeps!). It was Grayson's first time and she loved it. This first shot is of Grayson and Avery running together across the bridge at the start of our visit to the North America section. I'm not sure I've ever seen them so excited.

Sea lions and seals...Grayson was not so sure about this underwater business.

Started getting sleepy on the back end by the elk and bison. (She's sucking her thumb and laying her head down)

Here are the girls rockin out their double stroller. Finley did great on our all-day outing. It was so nice to get outside in 50/60 degree weather after all of this snow we've been having.

I don't have pictures to prove it but we then proceeded to visit the Science Center, storytime at the library, the Children's Museum, and Chik-fil-A (more than once) over their stay last week. We sure had fun!
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Great Mamaw

Great Mamaw finally got to come to Greensboro to meet Finley!

Four generations smiling at the new baby...

Smiling at Grammashu...

Apparently it was an unplanned pink and brown outfit party this day. Grayson loves her grandparents!
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