Clay Tourney Update

It's all over but the sore shoulders.

The shoot was a huge success. I think about 45 guys came out; I shot 50 out of 100 in the sporting clays part (good enough for 7th place), 13 out 25 in the wobble round (good enough for Heritage to say "that's it?"), and our team won 1st place (good enough for 100 rounds of free ammo each). Woo-hoo!

I'll post a video and pictures later, but wanted to say thanks for your support of Greensboro Young Life.


Jon, Charlie and Justin sporting guns and sweat
Big Pimpin' in out Shotgun Cart
Dad and Justin
Justin in the wobble round


Shameless Plug for Donations

It's that time of year again for the Young Life Sporting Clays Tournament. The video above is of my dad in last year's tourney.

For me, YoungLife's mission couldn't be closer to the way that all of us should live our lives: make true friends, love on them, be there for them, when they ask why you do it and what's different about you, tell them about Jesus. Doesn't get much more simple.

So, once a year YoungLife sends some guys out in a field to shoot at coasters to raise money to reach high school kids; kinda random, but we think it works. This year, I'm aiming to raise $1,000 which could change the lives of innumerable high school kids.

So, if you'd like to support YoungLIfe through the Clay Tournament you can do it a few ways:
  • Sponsor a shooter (me) by clicking here and putting in your credit card information (if you're wondering how much to give, I'd like to suggest the cost of a dinner for two at a nice restaurant; for some of you that might be Ruth's Chris and for some of you that might be the Better Burger on Lee St. - you make the call)
  • Join a team by raising (or donating) $500 and you'll get to shoot at 125 clays and have a chance to win shotguns, ammo, and more prizes.
  • Sponsor a team by getting together four other guys and raising $2,000 per team.
  • Sponsor the event and enjoy a free day of shooting and prime advertising spots.
Thanks, I appreciate it. Let me know if you have any question . . . or if you just miss me too much.


Catching Up or Counting Down

Wow, last belly shot post was 28 weeks...here's a quick catch-up, or count down...

29...30... & 31 Weeks...

32 (in the new nursery)...33 (at our first shower, more pics later)...& 34 Weeks!

Summer Vacation Highlights

Little behind in posts, but here are highlights from the Smith-North family vacation to Seagrove Beach, FL in July...and yes, I was 31 weeks pregnant...in July...in Florida.

Stopped in Atlanta to visit our friends, Tori and Charles. Tori and I got VIP passes to the Faith and Tim Soul 2 Soul concert. The baby was moving like crazy during the concert, so he or she either likes country music and was dancing, or couldn't stand it and was trying to escape.

After a few minutes of testing the water and eating the sand, Avery decided she loved the beach and the ocean. And of course she was stylin' in her cute suits and hats.

I think we took a picture together almost every day we were there. Justin loved it. Wink wink.

Family portrait night is interesting...we took 10 (just on our camera)...

And lastly, just for laughs...Avery is just cracking up in this picture. I would too if my mommy (ali) was jumping up and down behind the camera like this to make me smile.



Justin Gets in Trouble . . . .

Millie (30 weeks pregos) trying on her Doctor Rx'd "Medical Support Stockings" for the trip down to FL.

My dad comparing his baby with Millie's (She's at 31 weeks; I'd say he's around 12 or 13 weeks from the looks of it.)

This is the look that all of you would have all the time if you were married to me. Millie only has it when she's 32 weeks preggers and I've taken 7 pictures in a row while talking on the phone with Charlie Heritage about the video I saw in our Birth Class last night (Yikes!). Her patience knows no bounds.
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