We headed to Riverbank (the lake) for Easter to celebrate.

-Finley's first boat ride (I think this was her first, she liked it when we were in motion, not so much standing still with that life jacket up around her neck)
-Peeps painted Grayson's toes and Justin painted mine while I finally got to organize my coupon notebook from 3 months of disarray
-We dyed some eggs
-We took pictures of the girls in their cute matching outfits (thanks to Mamaw and to Kelly for those!)
-The nature channel visited the dock as mama duck had laid 7 eggs in a planter
-We had an egg hunt and dinner with some dear friends
-We enjoyed the summer temps around 80 degrees and Grayson enjoyed sticking her feet and then her whole body into the freezing cold lake!
-We celebrated Jesus...He has risen indeed!

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A random collection of cute pictures..

Look at those blue eyes

Bed head to the max (as I'm brushing it she says "it's tangly mama!")

Smiling at Shu Shu

Oh the spit up. Sorry for those of you who don't like spit up. This picture cracks me up. The amount of spit up seen here is NOTHING compared to what usually erupts. It's out of control. Seriously. Her and I both change outfits multiple times a day from the mess. And here I thought Grayson was a big spitter. But she is gaining weight, is on reflux meds, and is classified as a "happy spitter" so the docs are not worried.
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No blog post in over a month?!

I knew it had been a while, but really, over a month?! We've got lots to catch up on...

Grayson in her Punky Brewster-esque outfit posing in front of the daffodils before an egg hunt.

The girl's imagination lately is HUGE. More on that later, but here's a sneak peek of it in the shots below. Here (in her bunny headband from the egg hunt and purple PJs in the middle of the kitchen floor) she is pretending to take her "friends" on a train ride I think. Justin captured these funny shots. I love them all lined up. For the record, Bernerd, Mickey, and Harvey are some of her favorites. Justin holds the sole position in our house of naming stuffed animals.

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