Happy Thanksgiving!

What a fun day! Watching the parade on tv with Mamaw and ShuShu (big hit!), a yummy lunch, 3 kinds of pies after Susie graciously delivered her famous pumpkin, collecting more pecans with the whole crew, and enjoying the warm weather! We have so much to be thankful for-

You know it was a special day when the dog gets to 'clean' the silver turkey platter.
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Day before Thanksgiving

Mmmmm...not only pecan, but apple pie too.

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Pecans Step by Step

Step 1: for two weeks send the toddler out to collect pecans in the front yard
Step 2: wonder if you'll have enough for pecan pie for Thanksgiving
Step 3: for a few days put toddler and daddy on the task of cracking and shelling (eating) all of the pecans
Step 4: realize you will have enough for pecan pie this year!

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Giraffe Princess

This jacket was the best $2 spent at a consignment sale this fall. We bought it mostly for her dress up corner, but it came in quite handy for miss long legs to wear for Halloween. Justin was really voting for her to be a true "giraffe princess" and add her tutu to the scene, but I said that the giraffe jacket was quite cute by itself. The night he talked about her being a giraffe princess over dinner, she just got the biggest laugh out of it. So now, occasionally at the dinner table, she says "giraffe princess", slaps her hand on the table (like daddy like daughter) and looks at us expectantly to laugh. When we finally laugh (fake, I mean real), she cracks up. Then we do laugh for real. Funny girl.

We had a fun weekend with friends!
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Pumpkin Carving Fun with Daddy

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