The child's hair has a mind of it's own...

Note: she woke up with this spike on the back of her head, but this picture was actually taken at the end of the day, after many attempts to plaster it back down. It's a lost cause.
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Just cute, no commentary needed...

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Cute New Video of Grayson

Ok, I lied.

Morningstar does such a good job of explaining the falling dollar (cause/effect, cost/benefit) that I thought it was worth it to post this little video.

I'd say "it's well worth your next four minutes", Millie would say "it's Boooorrrrrring!!"


Easter Weekend (Part 2)

Grayson wondered if someone could please turn down the wind.

Easter dinner at Peeps and MayMay's house. Note how Grayson's dress matches Peeps' shirt. We didn't plan it, promise. It was just cute.

This was a chocolate Easter egg cake from the Farmer's Curb Market. Grayson said "Forget this cardboard-tasting rice cereal...give me that icing!"
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Easter Weekend (Part 1)

Gramashu and Great-Mamaw came for a visit. Gramashu brought new clothes and yes, this is a skirt with bloomers attached. It doesn't get much cuter! Also note how long her crazy hair is getting with that curl over her ear. But alas, the bald spot still remains on the back of her head.

Playing on the couch.

Swinging at the park.

Whew! She completely crashed after her bedtime feeding before we could get her to the crib. This NEVER happens. She usually goes to bed awake and chats and squeals to herself before nodding off. It was too cute to pass up on a picture!
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These are a few of my favorite things...

I can’t talk about someone’s favorite things without saying that line and thinking of the songs from The Sound of Music. I used to watch it at Mamaw’s house growing up; it was one of my favorites. Justin dislikes it greatly; something about they had to watch it in Catholic school and he hated the music. But I still love him anyways. Here are 10 favorite things in the life of our six-month-old in no particular order….

1. Saying “mamamama”. Not directed to me yet, just babbling. Close enough in my book.

2. Dancing in the exer-saucer. She doesn't just sit there, she dances.

3. Giggling when you tickle her side. (her “short ribs” as Justin calls it). She’s totally ticklish now, but only in that one spot.

4. Playing games. This weekend I was holding her on my hip and we were looking in the mirror together. I opened my mouth and took a deep breath of anticipation and proceeded to dive into the soft spot between her neck and shoulders and make some ridiculous noise. She giggled. But the best part was that she started anticipating the attack when I sucked in my breath. So instead of waiting for me to “get” her, she would turn her head and bury it into my shoulder and “get me” first and giggle. Priceless. Oh the joys of learning cause and effect.

5. Swinging at the park.

6. Staring at and now reaching out for Maggie. Speaking of cause and effect, she now knows that whenever Maggie walks close to her, she’s likely to get a slurp in the face. So instead of waiting for the lick, then scrunching up her nose, she blinks fast and scrunches up her whole face in anticipation before Maggie can taste her. It’s funniest when Maggie just walks on by and Grayson is left there wondering if she really got licked or not.

7. Sucking her thumb. She used to only do it at naptime and bedtime, but now she’s figured out that she can do it when she gets sleepy or when she just wants to look cute. And also, because we have a glorious video monitor, we can see that when she sleeps, her favorite position is on her left side, sucking her left thumb, with her right arm thrown over her eyes. She acts like it’s bright in her room and that I don’t have a room darkener shade, wooden blinds, and a curtain hanging on her window. I know, it’s a bit (way) overboard but it's the only thing that worked so it wasn’t like she was sleeping on the beach on a sunny day.

8. Sitting up with just a bit of help.

9. Rolling over, but still only back to front. Still no luck in teaching her the other way.

10. Laughing at us. If you put a toy on your head and say “Do you like my hat?” (Go Dog Go! reference here), she giggles. Sometimes she’ll even giggle if she hears you saying it before she can actually see what ridiculous item you’ve placed on your head.

And yes Justin, I know I just broke your cardinal Read Daddy Read blogging rule of minimal text, but I figured rules bend for all of this cuteness.
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Happy Six Months!

Yesterday we celebrated and sang to Grayson...

Then instead of birthday cake, we settled for a first taste of rice cereal...a bit too runny...seems I've yet to master the sharp culinary skill of determining the correct proportion of liquid to cereal. Which, as a side note, the fact that it's called "cereal" is pretty funny. But I guess it seems more appealing and more adult-food-like than "rice powder".

Happy six months sweet girl! You are such a joy to us. We love you to the moon and back.

Grandparents Rock

Grayson here. Mama was sick for a week, but I told her as soon as she got better that she needed to update the blog. I've had lots of visitors in the last couple of weeks and I wanted to give them all a few shout-outs.

Gramashu and me talking things over.

Maymay and Peeps took me to meet the Easter bunny and to hunt for my first Easter egg in their neighborhood. I wasn't afraid of the bunny because I could see her blonde hair sticking out underneath her smile so I figured it was just a silly outfit.

Me and Peeps.

Me and Grandpa snuggling (and me drooling on his shirt of course).
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Happy Birdays Avery!


We were looking at old videos of you this weekend and threw this together. Hope you like it and your mama plays it over and over and over and over.


Mimi, Hoost, and Baby Grayson


Woobies and Funny Ladies

Grayson got her first chance to snuggle with Mil's woobi. She liked it until her hand got caught in one of the gaping holes.

I was in charge of the outfit above. It was kinda hot in our house yesterday so I rolled up her pants and sleeves to show off her chicken legs and arms . . . and turned her bib around to make a cape.

Tonight, in order to help Mil in her effort to hide all hooters this side of the Mississippi, the three of us went to Hobby Lobby. The old lady cutting Mil's fabric was nice and showered Grayson with compliments, then went on to tell us about her own grandkids, part of which went like this:

"Well, I just loooove my grandkids. Now I won't just get naked for anything, but I'd get naked and push a peanut down the street for my grandson . . . and I'd give him thirty minutes to gather up a crowd."

Wow. Three thoughts came to mind: 1) The obvious, "ewe, gross" 2) I can't imagine who would ask her to do such a thing and 3) I don't think her grandson would gather up a crowd. Anyway, she was really sweet and told us to have a blessed day and taught us a little (too much) about unconditional love.
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Got it!

Addendum to my post below...we got it on camera! Tooth on her left is cut through, right looks like it's on the way soon.

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Big News!

Grayson cut her first tooth today! Well, we at least see it (barely, pictures will have to come later) and feel it today for the first time. We've been using "she must be teething" as an excuse for any random fussy days or obsessions with stuffing things into her mouth in the past month or two. We should have known that it would actually happen without much of a fuss to speak of.

In other news...yes, we do still have our dog maggie, even though she doesn't get blogged about very often. Excuse her pose in this picture, but she said she wanted to be like grayson and play on her back so someone would please, please pay more attention to her.

Aunt kiki came to visit last friday! She got to stay for dinner and bathtime, which is always fun. And she brought grayson two new books, Gossie and Ten Little Ladybugs, which are definitely new favorites. We sure missed uncle eric but he will have to come next time...

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Tag You're It

For starters, Justin has rules about blogging...do it often, include lots of pictures, and don't write too much text. I'm breaking the last two rules. I got tagged by Mavis to list 7 strange things about myself. Before I get to the list, I just have to say that it's crazy that I got tagged for this. I found a link to Mavis' blog when I googled for instructions on sewing a hooter hider. The hooter hider was a big success, and in the process I got hooked on checking Mavis' blog occasionally because she sews, cooks yummy things, and her kids are stinkin' cute. She also writes really funny blog posts. And in the process of me commenting on her blog, she checked out our blog, and commented there herself (I'm pretty amazed at how blogs connect people). So I just cracked up when I checked in on her (congrats on the new baby girl btw if you read this Mavis, her middle name is one of our favorites!), and I saw that she tagged me as "some girl named millie because I can tell she is strange already". I'd like to think that she saw my uniqueness in my blog posts, but in reality, it's Justin who writes all of the funny posts. But I proofread so that must count for something...

7 Strange things about me in no particular order...

1. I still sleep with a woobi (aka blanket). And yes, I'm 28 and have a 5 month old child. Justin keeps asking what I will do when Grayson wants to sleep with mommy's woobi. And I keep telling him that mommy's going to tell her kindly to go get her own.

2. I worked promoting physical activity and good nutrition but I have a weakness for skittles, sweet tarts, and any other sugary sweet/sour candy. But I also recently gave it all up because my last dentist appointment was not too pretty.

3. I love to watch people and wonder about their lives. I think it all started when my grandmother would take me to the mall as a kid and we would get Icees and sit on a bench watching people. Now Justin gives me the "good people watching seat" at restaurants so I can check out the crowd and wonder who is on their first date and who is related.

4. I always wonder about characters in movies after the movie has ended. Like at the end of The Holiday I asked Justin, "do you think they got married?". He answered sarcastically "yes", and I said "I think they did too". He says he has more examples but we'll leave it there.

5. I took calculus in college while majoring in zoology but I've quit doing fractions and basic math since we've been married. Justin does all the math, even when I need to half or double recipes. It's just easier that way, and faster really.

6. I have the wingspan of someone a foot taller than me. Supposedly if you hold your arms out to the sides and measure fingertip to fingertip, it should equal your height. Mine's off. My arms measure over 6ft, and I'm only 5'8'' (ok, so I know I just said I stopped doing basic math, but I do know this differences is not really a foot).

7. A couple of Christmases ago, Santa brought me a gift wrap organizer that hangs on the back of a door. I squealed "yes!" and pumped my fist into the air like it was the best gift under the tree (it was). It kindly combined two of my loves: tying bows and ribbons on gifts and organization.

Ok, so that's me and now I get to tag others...I choose Melanie, Amy, Becca, Kelly, Whitney, and Cole. Tag you're it.