When Bad Hair Happens to Good Kids

This is what Grayson's hair usually looks like:

Cute Bangs, huh?

Sunday night Millie was out with some girls, so after Grayson's bath I decided to give her new hairdo. It was all fun and games until Grayson's hair still looked like this 24 hours later, oops:

She looked so funny; none of her real friends would play with her. It's a good thing she has stuffed animals.

Goodbye bangs, Hello your father's forehead.

Her hairbow seemed to pull so tight, that her eyes were opened up wider than normal - she didn't blink all day.

So the jury was out. I thought she looked like she was stuck in the 80s (with,what Millie called "The Claw" hairdo), Mil thought she looked like a member of the Lollipop Guild.

You'll be glad to know that after tonight's bath, she looks a lot more like famous value investor Bill Miller. Big improvement.
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Come on Over, Come on Over Baby

So I was playing on the floor last night with Grayson, singing these "lyrics" in the title. In my head, I thought they were Amy Grant from the 80's (rock on), but I googled for the lyrics this morning to find the song with no luck. I hear her singing them in my head, but maybe it's an inaccurate blur from my early music days. Anyways, Grayson is definitely rolling over now, back to front. I caught it on the camera this morning in stages, but not yet on video.

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Dear Gramashu..

Hi. I'm so glad you came to see me yesterday. Two visits in one week was a fun treat. Thank you so much for my new spring and summer clothes too. Mama tried most of them on me and I looked super cute. Love you!
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New Lyrics and Pictures

It's one part 'forgetfulness', and two parts 'entertainment', but Mil and I like to make up new lyrics. We were singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider and realized we didn't like spiders and didn't really want him to climb back up the spout. So:

The itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout
Down came the rain and flushed the spider out
Out came the sun and he shriveled up and died
And the itsy bitsy spider was sunnyside up and fried.

It's a big hit with the precrawlers.

When it's bathtime (below) we sing a stunning rendition of "Bringin' Sexy Back" called "Bringin' Bathy Back" that goes:

We're bringin' bathy back--Yeah!
Dirty Baaaaaabe,
You haven't had a bath in a few daaaaaays
and your hair has a reflective glaaaaaze
and you booty has a yellow haaaaaze.
Take me to the bath, dad!
Go 'head girl - go 'head scrub two feet . . .

And that about sums up the audience's reaction.

Two reasons for this picture: note the migration of Gray's bald spot and the 'strong to quite strong' mullet it's creating. Also note the rooster's tail on top of her head. When I called her a rooster - Millie thought I said brewster and now Grayson's new nickname is Punky Brewster.

Maymay and Peeps (my folks) got Grayson a cute outfit from this shop is Paris, called Le Petite Fraufraushauau or something. And they also got her a little bunny that we named Bridgette (pronounced "Bri-shjeet!"). She loved trying on clothes, and never asked if it made her butt look big.

She felt so Frenchie (sassy) in her outfit that she locked her fingers together and did her best Dr. Evil. She said "I'm going to hold the world hostage for 5 ounces of breastmilk," then we laughed and told her that wasn't that much milk, barely a full feeding and then she said "I meant 5 million ounces! Mwwaaaaa" and we gasped. Then she giggled and put herself to bed.
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Justin brought me this beautiful orchid for Valentine's Day. The florist told him this type is the easiest to keep, which is good for me, since I've not been so sucessful with other orchids we've owned. I'm feeling lucky.

I made homemade sticky cinnamon rolls for Justin for breakfast this morning. I'm not usually much of a baker outside of sugar cookies and the occasional cake, but Justin's elaborate birthday cake inspired me. And I've always wanted to be a baker. Let's just say that most importantly, Justin thought they were really good. Since it took me all of Grayson's naptime yesterday to create them and I destroyed the kitchen more than once, I'd say that I'm not sure they were worth the effort. But I didn't have any trouble eating them either, and between the two of us, we devoured one entire pan (the recipe was from Cooking Light so I think we justified that we could eat more to equal the amount of calories in one "normal" cinnamon roll. faulty logic.)
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Best Kind of Snow (Part 2)

Although it's melted now, the snow was still thick on the ground this morning for Valentine's Day.

Grayson got to come out and play when she woke up.

Bundled up in cousin Avery's hat. (thanks Avery, Grayson says "i love it"!)

This hair is the result of not brushing it after her bath last night plus a touch of static cling. Wow.
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The Best Kind of Snow

Usually when there's just a 10% chance of snow here in NC, the schools close for the next week and 'Idol' has a constant ticker on the bottom about winter driving tips and church closings. But tonight we got a snow storm out of the blue. We didn't even know about it until I got a text message from a buddy to look out the window.

Maggie jumped for snowballs . . .

. . . and we tried to be the first to build a snowman in the city of greensboro (time stamp: 9:53).

In case you were wondering: Banana mouth, string cheese nose, cherry tomato eyes, peach tree limb arms, and millie's summer hat. Oh and a wet stinky dog.
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Snow Footage

I've never seen snow that rolled up like sod. Nuts.


Saturday (Part I)

For Mil's Birthday, I decided to let her join Grayson and me on our Daddy/Daughter time at the Farmer's Market. In my hurry to get Gray out the door, I pinched her hand against the wall and she learned a valuable lesson: Keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop. Oops.

Then we went to the arboretum for a little stroll. Mil had to train on the weekend to keep up with her weekday power-walkers. My tongue looked a lot like Maggie's.

We had a little play time on the back porch. Note the "Mommy's Choice" outfit that Gray's wearing, complete with cute shoes.

You see where Grayson gets her good looks.

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Saturday (Part II)

What a funny laugh. She's starting to wrinkle up her nose like she smells something bad. Oh and the squealing; girlfriend has started squeling like a 13 year old. It's cute now, but I'm definitely going to be that Debbie Downer Dad that doesn't let that go on past 11:00pm during sleepovers.

She loves to lay on my chest. She's always surprised when I pick my head up of the ground to look at her. She never knows where I went or why I left, but is thrilled that I've returned.

Lately, the changing table has been a place where the line between fingers and toes is blurred.

Happy Birthday Millie!! You don't look a day over 40!

Just kidding. I'd write something really sweet and heart-felt here, but I did that already in your card, and Millie doesn't want me to use up my quota. So I'll just say: you're good people, Millie.
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Happy Birthday (Cake) to Millie

I got the wild idea to make Mil a birthday cake. I remembered seeing this (free login required for the full version) on PBS and took to it. It turned out great. Now we just need to share the calories with friends.


Let the Wild Rompus Begin

Our small group took a trip to Boone this weekend. I don't know what the average over/under bet on "total lost sleep" was, but Vegas would've probably put it around 20. Out of five kids, I think there was only a total of ~18 hours lost on Saturday night.

We played some disc golf, ate family style, and changed a lot of diapers.

One big happy small group family! (Heritages, Sassers, Whitworths, Potts, Smiths)

Playtime with five kids under 3, well, mostly under 10 months.

Babies, babies, babies (top row: Madison & Anna Cate, Charlie, Brooke middle row: Anna Cate, Madison, Anna Cate bottom row: Grayson, big Charlie & little Charlie, Madison & Grayson)
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