When you have 2.5 girls in the house . . .

. . . you do things like wear librarian dress up glasses.

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It's a Girl!

No picture until the scanner is back up and running but Grayson is excited to be a big sister to a little sister in about 4.5 more months! Everything looked healthy during the ultrasound and she is growing right on track. Grayson was a surprise until delivery so it was fun this go 'round to find out ahead of time. We're all really excited!



Of course she had to see for herself instead of listening to the 10 times that I said "You are too big for the bucket" before this happened.
Notice in the first picture the woobi was behind her. Apparently she needed some comfort since I was taking so long to take pictures between laughs.
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Toddlers on Vacation

A day in the life of two toddler friends on vacation always starts with a good sippy cup of milk in pjs.

Then the fun really kicks up in pink life jackets as they throw rocks into the lake, fill up the baby pool, splash in the baby pool, see if they can fit the big float along with all of the American flags in the baby pool, and then take a dip in the big lake with their daddies.

The fun continues after a good nap, hamburgers for dinner, and practicing somersaults together.

Ending the day on a boat ride with their mommies and baby siblings-on-the-way. Thanks for such a fun weekend together Heritages!
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Summer Firsts and Fun

It's still fun to experience firsts...

First time in an inflatable bouncer.

Other summer firsts...
First time eating cotton candy (if only one bite; the "icekeem" won over on the sweet treat that night).
First time sipping an Icee (note to self, no more high fructose corn syrup...even at a 5 sip limit..whew).
First time using the potty and wearing big girl underwear (we're low key here for the start but it's going well so far).
First double-scraped knees from running down the sidewalk. (with Dora band aids to make it all better of course).

Other summer fun...
Spending nights at Shu-Shu's house. I don't have any pictures to document this, but with mom on summer vacation from school, Grayson got to go several times to spend one night at Shu-Shu's house. Boy did they have fun. Grayson is still talking about it.

Her hair has gotten so long that she now can sport pigtails, ponytails, and braids.

This doesn't really qualify as fun, but I wanted to make note that Grayson gets bit by mosquitoes just as often, if not more, than me. So we have not had much summer fun in our yard. She looked down at her bites on her legs the other day and said "oh my goodness!"

Maymay and Peeps took her to Yum-Yums for her favorite summer treat the other week, ice cream. If you ask her what things taste like (even kale that we had for dinner tonight), she says "sta-berry icekeem". I sure wish kale tasted like strawberry ice cream to my taste buds.

We're also enjoying the summer "fun" (moments of fun, moments of not-so-fun-more-like-a-part-time-job) of finally renovating our attic . More on that later. Grayson likes to call it "Grayson's room". I personally think it will become Maggie's room because the dog adores anything carpeted over this hardwood floor she has to lie on all the time.

All in all, we sure do love summer in this house.

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What a Difference (almost) 2 years makes...

July 2009: (left to right) Anna, Brooke, Grayson, Charlie, Maddie, with Eli down in front

November 2007: Grayson (in a daze from shots that day), Brooke, Charlie, Maddie, & Anna

With 3 more babies on the way, our small group is quickly growing!

Speaking of two years....if you ask Grayson "how old are you?", her response is "one two almost" (with no pauses for commas, like she's counting 1-2-3 but replaces the 3 with 'almost').