on the house (primer only, no paint yet, picture a similar color just darker with white trim & a red porch)

on the nursery (green paint!)

on our marriage (happy 4 year anniversary!)

and last but not least (feels more like most!) on the little one
25 Weeks

26 Weeks (playing putt-putt with our small group)
(Note from Justin: You might think this is the Holiday Inn Express in Kauai and the volcano/waterfall is real. No. It is the one on Wendover and the volcanofall in the background is fake.)

27 Weeks (and I'm finally current on belly pics!)


House Update

We're doing some work to the house to get ready for lil' squirt. The main jobs are . . .

Taking off the old paint because it looked like this:

Currently, it looks something like this:

Neighbors have been asking "What happened to your paint", I usually just tell them it's summer and our house is shedding.

Also, I had a couple buddies over to help replace some wood on the dormer because it was struggling:

Well . . . . so Charlie was on the roof, taking of the old boards and I was down on the ground holding the ladder and being the superintendent and Kevin is actually doing real work:

So Charlie asked for one of the boards back and without thinking that you shouldn't throw sharp, pointy, lead-paint-ridden items at your friends . . . I did just that and:

Whoops. I felt bad for minutes. He said Kelly had to pick out shards of wood circa 1895 for 30 minutes once he got home. The doctors think they can still save the leg.

[On a side note; Charlie, if they do have to cut off your leg, there are two obvious pluses: 1) You would probably shoot more ducks with only one leg this year than you did with two legs last year and 2) You could get a peg leg for all the ECU home games. Aaaaaargh!]

So last night, Jeff, Warren, Kevin, and Charlie came over for small group and helped me out. Jeff and Warren were on window scraping patrol, Kevin was the shop-vac technician, I did misc. items and Charlie supervised. The Keystones and Coors made it seem like less work and more play, especially when we decided to set up the halogen lights, mow the turf, and set up the washers set. Team Pottworth romped Team Sassitage (11-4) but then fell to Team Smithasser in an extra innings nail biter (14-12).

Nice socks Charlie; strong to quite strong.


Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Most people take their dads out to brunch, give him a golf and/or necktie related gift, and send him on his way. I didn't feel like I could really show him how much I appreciated him unless I made him sweat over a chisel and scraper with a 400 degree paint heater in his hand for 6 hours.

You're the best, dad!

Maybe next year we'll do some landscaping.
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Test Day

It's finally June 2nd! We're here in Charlotte, and I dropped Justin off at the Merchandise Mart (random place) to take the morning section of the level 2 CFA exam. I'll run back up there at noon (bringing sandwiches from Dean and Deluca with me, yum), and then he heads back into the afternoon section from 2-5. He felt good this morning, and I can testify that he sure has studied enough to be well-prepared. We're praying that he passes!

I'm a little behind on my weekly belly pics...week 21 is below, but 22 and 23 are still on the camera. More when we get home!

Week 21