First Dinner Date

Tonight I had my first dinner date with Mac. I've been on dates with him before, but not when we were both awake to enjoy it. We sat in our matching loungers and took in the sights.

Mommy says Mac is only about two months younger than me, but she also says that it's cool to go for the younger men.

How could I resist hanging out with such a cutie!
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Dear Great-Mamaw...

Thank you for my Grover. I love him.

And I also love my feet.
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Love the Camera!


Bath time with daddy.

Afraid of the camera?!
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A Walk in the Park

Fun spur-of-the-moment walk in the park today with friends. When we stopped to feed the ducks, a woman passed us and made some remark like " population explosion". But I chuckled to myself when she ended her statement in "yikes" as she quickly moved her son to another part of the trail. Dear woman I don't know but smiled at, I actually think all of these little ones are just fabulous!

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Acts 2:42 Group

At our church, we're trying to get together and meet the folks in our neighborhoods that we see every Sunday. They split us up by zip code and just asked people to get together every quarter just to eat a meal and get to know each other (Acts 2:42). Mil and I volunteered to organize and our neighbors, Tom and Renee, offered their house. We has potluck spaghetti, bread, salad, drinks, and dessert, dessert, dessert.

What was so awesome was that EVERYONE seemed to want to be there; it wasn't a required event and no one got offered a reduced tithe if they came. Just some folks wanting to know and be known. How rare it is that you enjoy so much being with people who (for the most part) you have never met before.

About 1/2 the response and still lots o' folks (and guess what Grayson's watching . . . the ceiling fan.)

Mil and Mel (note how the moms and daughters have matching eyebrows positioning.)
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Honda For Sale - SOLD!


2000 Honda Accord EX, Leather, Sunroof, MPG: 32/26. Previously a Certified Honda, we just didn't need the gas mileage. I've got a Carfax Report I can send you if y want to see the history, but it's clean. It had one fender bender sometime in 2001 I think, but is says "very minor damage" reported.

Selling for $8,500, but the Friends and Family (and blog viewers) Discount is $7,950. Carmax is selling the same car (with cloth seats though) for $10,000.

Just call or stop by if you want to take a look.


Happy Birthday to ME!!

WOW. My birthday is not for a few more weeks, but Justin had apparently been scheming for a while, along with all of my favorite gift givers (thank you thank you to everyone!!), to go in all together for one big gift for me. And to top it off, he went ahead and gave it to me last night so I could start using it instead of it sitting at his office in a box. Yippeeeeee, a new digital SLR camera!!! Talk about peeing in your pants. THANK YOU!

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Grayson's Favorite Song

I starting sing "My Little Buttercup" to Grayson last week. It plays out a lot like the scene below from "The Three Amigos" (FYI: on Justin's "Top Ten" list and on Millie's "Never Seen" list (gasp!) - I just found out last night and am trying to cope)

Anyway, most of the time I dance around like Steve Martin and Grayson stares at me like one of the Mexican guys in the bar. That is, until I get to "smile", "a while", "made for twoooooooo" and she shows her big toothless dimpled grin.


Rise in GDT

Millie here. Just wanted to confirm that the GDT (see Justin's previous post for translation) is definitely on the rise. Justin totally got his man card last night....Grayson went to bed at 8pm in a cozy 70 degree room, but when I went in to feed her at 11pm, she was sound asleep in a cool 62 degrees. Brrrrrr. In our 113-year-old house, you just never know about heat issues, but 62 was way too cold since the heat was set on 70. Under further investigation, all of the heat vents in the front of the house were pumping hot air, while the vents in the back were cold. Uh oh. That discovery meant nothing short of a trip under the house to see if a duct needed reconnecting. At 12:00am. In the dark. In one of the coldest nights to date. In a space where just this week I heard an unidentified critter through the vents fumbling around. Thank goodness the new car produced a rise in the GDT (although I will say in my opinion, the GDT has always been high in our house when it comes to fixing things). Justin is my hero. And Grayson says "thanks daddy" for the warm night's sleep.


Diaper Changes For All!

Well, we all peed our pants this weekend for different reasons:

Justin - I got a new car . . . well, not really a new car, more like an old truck. I got this '91 Toyota Land Cruiser. It's got 126,000 miles, three rows of seats, and smells like old man - I love it. I was running the numbers and in the last 4 months we've driven only 1,000 miles in the Honda. That would end up being 3,000 miles/year (aka - "Honey, I'm going to take the Honda for it's annual oil change.")

So while our household net fuel costs won't go up too much, Gross Domestic Testosterone (GDT) is expected to rise exponentially. (Note: Mil and I went out on a date Friday night. On the way back home, she drove the Cruiser and liked it so much said she was going to steal it . . . until the heat didn't really cut on. It pumped out a lot of air, just not hot air. Score one for Justin!)

P.S. - Know anyone who wants a Honda (2000, Leather, 112,000 miles)? Mention this blog and get $100 off . . . seriously.

Millie - Mil's been wanting a Hooter Hider ever since she's been needing to nurse and not wanting to feel like a hermit. So she found this site where this girl gives detailed directions on how to make one (Mil says "props, Mavis").

She didn't pee her pants until she went to the fabric store and found some fabric she loved; then came home and realized that it was one of the exact same fabrics they sell on the hooter hider website. (I know. It wouldn't make me pee my pants either, but who am I to judge?)

Sweatshop-like conditions

No babies were nursed in the taking of this picture.

Grayson - She's 4 months old and doesn't know how to control her bladder . . . but even if she had bladder control, she would've lost it tonight because she got to do her first craft. Crafts are big in our house and Madison Heritage gave Grayson an ornament that she can imprint with her hand. She loved it. She even let her (self-proclaimed) perfectionist mom redo the imprint three times (which included a handwash each time.)

Please note (in the video below) the fear in Grayson's eyes as she wonders how her life will ever be the same after discovering crafts:


Rollin' Over and Rockin' Out

If you follow our blog, we said Grayson "rolled over" a long time ago. Of course it was a fluke (or gravity pulling her big head to the floor as Justin viewed it). But now the time has come for the real deal. It's not been captured on video yet, and Justin has yet to witness it himself, but it happened this week, once, back to front. She loves sleeping on her left side, so we knew the roll was close. She was playing with a toy on her back during awake time and made the flip. Although I was oooohing and ahhhing and clapping, she wasn't really enjoying the fact that she was now on her belly and didn't know how to get back to playing with the toy that had mysteriously disappeared. Here are some recent pictures...

We had our small group over this week for our new monthly tradition of a sharing a family meal. There were 10 adults, one almost-three-year-old, two eight-month-olds, two three-month-olds, lots of spaghetti and meatballs, a variety of pureed delicacies, lots of noise, and a new guitar that Santa brought Charlie Parker Potts for Christmas. Thank goodness our dining room is the largest room in the house. Charlie wanted to rock out with me on guitar, so we "played" his favorite song and all joined in singing (yes, we were all singing, although it sounds like Justin was solo).