Grayson's 5th Birthday Party

First of all, I can't believe the girl is five. I think it will hit more when she goes to kindergarten next year, but I still felt like this was a big one.

Second of all, I would like to thank Pinterest, and all you people who pin, for basically all of these party ideas. I'm just not really sure what we did before that site. It was not this easy to plan a party, I know that much.

The birthday banner I made however many years ago continues to be one of my best sewing projects e.ver. We have used it in many rooms and a few different houses but I think it was made for this back fence.

Party theme: colors
Party food: rainbow cupcakes (also took those to preschool to celebrate with her class), rainbow cake (my favorite cake I've made so far--I was so surprised it really turned out that bright after baking!), cheese balls, rainbow goldfish, rainbow veggie platter with hummus, rainbow fruit kabobs.

Party fun: tatoo station, face painting, pinata (a way bigger hit than I anticipated with the 2-8 year old crowd), play set fun, and the photo booth (I had seen so many versions of these on Pinterest that we had to give it a whirl. Justin says it will now be an annual birthday party tradition so we can see everyone year to year).

Party friends and family: I l.o.v.e this shot. Again, another Pinterest idea that I wasn't exactly sure how it would turn out. We wrote on the invite to wear your favorite colors and then lined up in order of the rainbow. I love it when ideas actually work!

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