Sneak Peek

Today is birthday party day. And quite amazingly, we are ready an hour before it starts, so I had a minute to blog a sneak peek of party preparations...

Everything on this table was what it took to make her cake. Yes, that's some serious sugar.

Sugar is very exciting.

Even Finley had a tiny taste of cake. More sugar excitement.

And these pieces of fabric turned into one of the most fun projects I have ever sewn. Happy party day!
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She's on the move

First it started with rolling here and there. I would put her on the quilt and come back to find this:

Then she started the army crawl/scoot, which brought back funny memories of Grayson wearing a blister on her big toe from all of her scooting around this house. Finley is not fast yet, but she can throw out those arms and pull herself along anywhere. Thankfully I can still put her on the quilt sitting and it takes her a while to figure out she can bend over and get to scooting. But I don't think it will be long now. This week we have caught her rocking back and forth on her hands and knees.
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Happy Third Birthday Grayson!

Today was the big three! "I'm free!" she says. Justin helped her choose her clippie for today. She chose one, then says she wants this "birthday clippie". This was a Fancy Nancy clippie I made to match a tutu for a costume a while ago. Apparently it's now been dubbed a birthday special.

Since we were at the beach last week (pics to come) we decided to go to the lake this weekend. Riverbank is one of Grayson's most favorite places, so she beamed when we sang to her this morning then packed everyone into the car. Favorite sausage biscuits and scones were on order for breakfast in the car, along with a new coloring book and stickers for the drive. She opened her other gift from us when we got there, and we promptly played a round with Maymay and Peeps. I can't believe she is already old enough to play Candyland! After Finley's morning nap, we went to the dock for a picnic lunch...pimento cheese sandwiches, of course.

She got to swim, take her first ride in Peepsie's new boat "A Very Gray Jackfin" (Avery Grayson Jackson Finley), eat a yummy dinner on the porch topped off with super yummy pink cupcakes, open gifts from Maymay and Peeps, and then finish the night with a good Uncle Remus read from Peepsie. It sure was a fun day!

Grayson, we love you so much. We are so thankful the Lord brought you into our family three years ago. "Its a girl!" the doctor said and we laughed and cried happy tears. It has been such a joy to see how much you have grown this last year. We love you to the moon and back, moon and back, moon and back, moon and back.
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Pink and pink

She requested strawberry cupcakes with pink icing for the big third birthday. She about jumped out of her skin when I told her she could lick the icing.
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I Want to Help

Lately Grayson has asked to help with fixing meals and snacks. I think mostly she's taken an interest because she gets tastes of whatever is on the menu. A few nights ago, we laid out the tortillas to get ready for bean and cheese quesadillas. I left for a minute to tend to Finley, came back, and this was what I found. Nibbles in each tortilla, right at her height. We laughed so hard. And then talked about how "helping" in the kitchen does not mean "eating" everything you're trying to prepare. Funny child.
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Show me your teeth!

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