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(3 month photo shoot)

It's hard to believe it's already been 3 months with this little one! We (finally) feel like we are settling into more of a routine with him. We definitely went through 7 weeks of "I'm only going to sleep during the day for 30 or 45 minutes, cry lots, and also still wake a few times at night to eat." That. was. rough. Add to that some serious growth spurts at 4, 6 & 8 weeks and then at 3 months, and you can imagine we've been a little tired. But its been a couple of weeks now of more consistent naps and about two weeks of sleeping mostly through the night. He is also smiling a ton now, holding his head up really well, and laughing some too. He rarely cries now when he is awake unless he is hungry or tired.

There is never a dull moment in life with three ages 5 and under, but I've been writing down a few things about Everett to record here when I finally had time to sit down...

(1 month photo shoot)

Grayson is so sweet with him, and now at 3 months, she can get him to laugh the most out of all of us. She is gentle and kind and speaks to him tenderly. Finley spins around him like she has ants in her pants and he has a hard time tracking her down. But she is enthusiastic about him and says things like "him have fikey (spikey) hair!" and "him filed (smiled) at me!". My favorite Finley phrase was when I had asked her (for the 1000th time) to please stop touching his face to which she says "but him have chubby cheeks!".

(3 month photo shoot)

In months 1-2, he sneezed a lot and spit up even more. He started on Zantac at week 2 after we had a solid week of him not wanting to sleep on his back at night. He then moved to Prevacid like the girls, but is now back down to only 1/2 tab of Prevacid and I think the reflux is much better. Starting about week 3, he stopped wanting to snuggle over our shoulders. Instead, he arches his back and holds his head back more than any infant at that age that I've seen. He rocked tummy time early on. I'm still holding out that the snuggling will return. He will finally settle down in the ergo for short periods of time. He is still swaddled in the miracle blanket, but consistently breaks free at night and has to be reswaddled after his hands start attacking his face. He likes the paci but keeps trying to find that thumb like his sisters.

Even in the middle of the exhaustion and adjustment, we are all pretty smitten over this addition to our family!
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