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Lack of blog posts due to: crashed computer, lots of sewing, spending days at the pool, and chasing and trying to interpret toddler talk. There will be a lack of cute pictures until our computer is restored, but until then, here are some of our favorite words and phrases from this little person we live with. She is talking non-stop. And singing.

She counts 1 to 10, sometimes starting in the middle until you say "what's it start with?" and she goes back to 1.

She says most of her ABCs, but near the end, when she gets to "X", she thinks it sounds like "S", so she starts back over with TUV. So the end goes like this "LMNOP, QRS, TUV, WX...TUV, WX, TUV...". "Next time won't you sing with me" also has some strange paraphrasing, something like "ne ma won u sing me".

She loves to play ring around the rosey, and sings it without prompting like this: "Ro-rose, pockey (for pocket), ro-rose, ashes, ashes, all fall down!".

Maymay and peeps taught her the "little cabin in the woods" song, with some modifications so the hunter doesn't come to shoot the rabbit (eek). She can sing one full line out of it, "saw a rabbit hopping by, knocking at his door".

If she can't reach something herself, or wants help, or is just being resistant to cleaning up, she says "mama doov it" (mama do it) or "dada git it" (daddy get it). All Justin has to do is give her "the look" and she says "peas" (please) with those. The look doesn't work for me, so I have to say, many times throughout the day mind you, "how do you ask?".

"Taste peas" if she wants something off your plate. Especially if its ice cream, or a "foomie" (smoothie).

"Na-ma" is short for "another one". If you tickle one foot, she holds up the other and says "na-ma" until you tickle it as well. For as well as she is speaking and enunciating these days, she must think she's saving time on dropping two syllables.

You know you live in a house in the summer with a furry dog when your child readily says " see da-ha" (see dog hair). Same dog which she now calls "Maggie" instead of "ma-ma" and often calls her "Maggie Moosies" which we call her from time to time.

She calls herself "gra-ba" (Graybear), a nickname Aunt Kiki started when she was a babe. So we also hear "Gra-ba doov it", "Gra-ba hold it", etc etc.

Favorite toy these days is not just a ball, but a "beach ball".

The "th" sounds in words are usually replaced with "f". So we have "rain" and "funder" (thunder). It makes "thank you" a little tricky right now. On a good day it comes out as "fanky".

These are just a few of our favorites that we wanted to get down on record. She says so many new words each day that its just unbelievable. She's turning more and more into a little person instead of a baby and we are loving to watch and listen to it all (except when it turns whiny, fussy, or melts into a temper tantrum on the floor. Just to paint the real picture here. She is precious but she is also a toddler!)


Memorial Day Weekend

We headed to the lake with the Smith/North clan for 3 days of fun in the sun, I mean, rain.

We celebrated Maymay's birthday (or "happy to you" as Grayson sings) with mmmm good coconut cake with lime buttercream icing...

We got to eat a huge breakfast and play at a dear friend's house who had a sand and water table. Grayson pretty much thought it was the best toy she'd ever seen.

We played inside on the big green carpet with the rainy weather. This was a rare moment where all 3 kiddies were playing together, sweetly, without one or all getting distracted. I love how Jackson is right in the baby-doll-paraphernalia mix with the girls, and how Grayson is "feeding" him off of a measuring spoon.

We must have started running out of indoor play ideas because Aunt Ali turned into a jungle gym. Look at Grayson's face. Even though the pictures don't prove it, we DID get down to the dock, and all 3 kids did take dips in the lake. Even in the sprinkling rain on one day. Brrr, there was no way I was getting in. Thank goodness for daddys.

Justin taught Grayson to beatbox the week before this. At dinner one night at the lake, we all started beatboxing, but apparently Grayson thought Aunt Ali did it the best. Because now, if you ask Gray to beatbox, she passionately says "aunt a-y-ee, aunt a-y-ee, aunt a-y-ee" as if I'm going to go next door to Asheville and get Ali to come and beat box for her right at that moment. She also kept talking about "unca John-John" this week, to the point that now she calls our friend John-John, who's one-year-old mind you, "unca John-John". We stopped correcting her because it got so funny.
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