Fun continued...

Pop Pop visited on Saturday and Sunday...

The Shu Shu and Mamaw came on Monday...

Dancin in her new dress up shoes!

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More Christmas Day Fun

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Christmas Day!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

These girls love their thumbs. I think they were all still half asleep waiting patiently for our yummy breakfast.

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These pictures deserved their own post. It doesn't get much cuter. Jackson was on the move but the girls were combing each other's hair, smoochin, and cheesing for the camera. I'm pretty sure these are the kind of pictures that appear again years later in rehearsal dinner slideshows.

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Christmas Eve

Fun with cousins Avery and Jackson, along with Aunt Ali and Uncle John-John...

We had a blast just hanging out and then heading to church that night!
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Tea Party

We had the chance to see different family members over about seven days around Christmas. We got to pull the pregnancy card this year so everyone traveled our way, which was great! Things got kicked off with "cousin" Maya. The girls' daddies are cousins, so I don't know exactly what that makes the girls to each other, but they sure did have fun together.

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Jesse Tree

I referenced it in an earlier post but Grayson really got into our new Jesse Tree tradition this year. This is the blog that I pulled information on how to do it. I found most of our ornaments at local craft stores already painted and everything, made a couple myself, and then had my handy husband drill holes in them so we could add ribbon for hanging.

After we read the Bible story each night and selected the corresponding ornament ("wornament" according to her), she especially enjoyed climbing daddy's back to have him "help" her hang it on the tree.

Then it just turned into a huge wrestle/tickle/climbing session before bed each night.

If you look closely you can see Justin and Grayson putting out our luminaries in the bottom picture one evening.

One of my favorite Jesse Tree conversations:
(we're reading about Noah and the ark, one of Grayson's most favorite stories since it involves animals...her Jesus Storybook Bible has this incredible illustration of about 20 plus animals drawn into the ark on this one page that she just adores)
Me: "Gray, what did God tell Noah to make?" (ok, sure, the question is a bit vague, but I think I did preface it with a "we're talking about Noah and all the animals tonight" statement)
Grayson: (very matter of factly) "cupcakes"

Side note: we are still waiting on baby sister. Soon enough the blog will be taken over by updates on her arrival, but for now, at least I've got a little time to catch up on posts of our fun Christmas.
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Snow Days

Top row: she loved eating the snow, preparing for baby sister (with daddy's ski "gobbles" on her head, in her tutu), trying out a new hairstyle, baby sister at 37 weeks!
Bottom row: sledding fun, sharing her snowball with baby sister, making footprints, more "gobbles"

Then Justin made Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. Oh my, that maple frosting glaze goodness. A pregnant woman's dream come true. Lots of sugar, lots of butter, and a husband who filled 9 tins from scratch and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards! Some of our neighbors got to enjoy his snow day baking adventure too...because otherwise I would have eaten all 9 tins by myself, no problem.
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And the snow began to fall...

Catching snowflakes on their tongues


Snow cream!
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Baby Harper

No, she's not ours. But she sure is precious and I didn't want to forget to blog about her before our new little one makes her own appearance.

College roomies, even going back to highschool days and dear, dear friends...4 out of the 5 of us got together to meet and greet the new baby addition (we missed you Krista!). We all now have one child, two of us have another one on the way. Once those two arrive, it will be 4 girls to 3 boys. Girls rule.

Sweet baby Harper. All babies have to have "baby" in front of their name according to Grayson. We better make sure "baby" sister's name actually goes ok with "baby" in front.

Baby Harper and baby sister will actually be only about 3 months apart. Which means they could grow up and play volleyball together like how their mama's met. And become BFFs. Or at least that's what we're planning on. They won't have much say in it themselves.
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Cookie Party

A couple of weekends ago we had an incredibly fun (and of course crazy) cookie party for the little ones.
21 children, 25 adults. Next year I think we'll be outnumbered.

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Christmas Time

With baby sister's holiday-ish due date, we jumped right into Christmas decorations Thanksgiving weekend. We kept things simple this year and it's been fun to watch Grayson really enjoy it all more. She talks about "baby Jesus being born" and is totally into our new tradition, the Jesse Tree. More on that in a later post.

Checking out the animals from the nativity set. Anything with animals is a big hit right now.

Helping daddy with the lights.

Reluctant to let daddy lift her to the top of the tree to put the star on. For the record, the guy at Lowes told us this tree should last for 40 days from purchase date. I'm not sold. It's not brown or anything yet but the needles drop off every time I go to plug in the lights. I keep telling it to last just a little longer.

After dinner one night Justin and I were talking at the table and overheard Grayson saying "want my woobie baby Jesus?" Of course we ran to get the camera. That's the beloved woobie laying at the foot of the stable. Sweet girl. The question that followed was "you have holes baby Jesus?" Her woobie has two holes at the ends where she gives it lots of love. I think she wanted to make sure Jesus' version was just as well-taken care of.
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