This Old House

We thought we'd spuce up some things at the house and do some improvements before 'Smalls' comes in September. One of biggest problems we have is that people are always coming over and wanting to kick it 'till all hours of the night. So we thought we'd install a moat. Here's me testing the depth:

I'm thinking about filling it with trout and water rats. Millie is leaning towards sharks with laser beams. Either way, even if you get across, this is the second line of defense:

A 5 month pregnant lady in green crocs and a mutt with matching bandana. Scary huh?

Who knows, if the whole moat thing doesn't work out, we might just lay down some boards and call it a porch.


Cousin Avery

Avery came for a week-long visit in April. We think she is just the cutest around. Lil' squirt says he/she can't wait to play!

"hey", currently a favorite word

demonstrating proper brushing technique

laughing at uncle justin's secret

picking out nail polish color with grandpa peeps


Never Too Late

So we're 21 weeks pregnant today, and a little late in starting this blog to keep friends and family updated. But seeing that we're still just slightly over half way on this journey, we figured it's never too late! Recent highlights include: both of us feeling lil' squirt moving and grooving, seeing the ultrasound shots including a four chamber heart picture, a stretching-out spine, ribs, a mouth moving up and down, legs, arms, brain...and not finding out if it's a boy or girl. Surprise!

The growing belly:

16 Weeks (at Riverbank)

17 Weeks

18 Weeks

19 Weeks

20 Weeks