Sister Love

Now that Finley is getting bigger and more interactive by the day, the sister-love in this house is growing by leaps and bounds. One of my favorite things is how they can make each other laugh. And how they hold hands in the car. We didn't rig it on purpose but it turned out that when we put Finley forward-facing in the car, both of their "sucker" thumbs (Grayson's is her left, Finley's is her right) were on the outside near the windows. So they don't have to give up sucking their thumbs to give some love. Justin laughed the other day while he was driving us around and I asked what was so funny. He said "them holding hands" and something to the effect of that he was staring at proof of his future orthodontics bill.

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Cutest Girls Ever

Aunt Ali found the girls and cousin Avery matching PJs that say "Cutest Girl Ever" on the t-shirts. Hilarious. It's 70 degrees here today so we rocked them to the park. Grayson promptly told Mrs. Katie..."this is a PJ shirt". Sharing the secrets. These pictures are not of the 'matchy matchy' but some cute shots from over the past few weeks. I'll post more details soon about what the girls are doing these days. Let's just say Finley is a climber (wow...as in she pushed the stool over to the kitchen counter, climbed and stood on it to reach a can opener that was thankfully chosen over the huge knife sitting next to it) and I feel many days like Grayson is 3 going on 13.

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Happy Valentine's Day

I know, I know, a post without pictures of the kids? Crazy. These were a few shots I took around the house this week. The new Valentine's fabric wreath has made me smile many, many times over the last few weeks. Funny enough I decided to hang it on the bathroom door. 1) because that's a cool (yes I said cool) unfinished door that you can see from the front door and the hallway and 2) because with two small children and only one bathroom in the house, I knew we'd see it a lot. I think it will stay up for a while. A few small pictures of beauty that remind me of His great, great love for us.

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Happy Birthday Mama/Millie!

Dear Mama,

Happy Birthday! I love you more than the dishwasher.



Dear Mama,

Happy Birthday. I love you more than my thumb.



Dear Millie,

Happy Birthday! I love you too much to write about it on the internets for all to see.




January 2011: a recap in one post

Seeing that it took me the whole month of January to update posts about December, I didn't want to spend the entire year always updating a month behind! So here are the highlights from January, all in one giant collage-filled post. Click on the collages to enlarge if the text is too small.

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