Weekend (Part 1)

We had a big weekend in the 'boro!

Took the usual trip to the farmer's market and ran into our friends, Sara, Charlie and baby Mac! (apologies for cutting off your head Justin, I was aiming for the babies).

Had some play time in the yard while Justin studied inside for his big test in June. Note that the whisk might be her favorite toy. Along with a hair brush and a nail file. Of course all of the "toys" that aren't really "toys" are her favorites.

Check out those teeth! Maymay and Peeps also got home tonight from a week in Little Rock. She sure was happy to see them!

We attempted the first bath in the big-girl sink, but it wasn't as fun as it looks. She slid all over the place (notice the red dish towel on the bottom of the sink for traction). Maybe in another month or so when sitting up is a little easier.
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Weekend (Part 2)

Weekend naps are the best. Especially when you're sucking your left thumb, on your left side, with your sleep sack in your right hand held up to your face like a woobi (aka blankie). Apparently the woobi-loving gene was passed down successfully. (and yes, justin snapped this picture of our video monitor during her nap)

We went to Charlie's 3-year-old birthday party on Sunday. This was the "1 and under" crowd plus Charlie on the couch. There were twice as many in the "over 1" crowd and we had lots of fun!

Happy birthday Charlie! We all gave him the bug catcher. Justin gave him the jar full of worms (!) in dirt. I said, "are you sure?" in response to the idea. Justin said "come on, he only turns three once and he loves bugs!" But of course I was elected to purchase the critters at Wal-Mart alongside my box of diapers. Ewe.

Our friends Brad, Amy, and baby John also moved to town over the weekend. After the party we fed Grayson dinner and then went to their new house. Needless to say, she was sleepy on the way home that night! (and so were we!)
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Oh Boy (or Girl)!

Our friends Jeff and Becca have some big news.

Don't worry Jeff, it's not as utterly terrifying as it seems.

Jeff holding Grayson for the first time. I think he was kidding . . . maybe.
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Thanks Gramashu!

Gramashu came to play while Daddy was in Chicago for work. Thanks for staying Gramashu! We had the best time!

Trying peas for breakfast (why not?)

Kissing babies.

Kissing dogs.

Dogs kissing babies.

Maggie also wanted to add a big "thank you" for your dinner time treats and extra love for her while you were here. I fed her a plain dinner last night without any olive oil, salmon bits, salsa, etc, and she looked at me like "are you serious?". We love you Gramashu!
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Welcome Cousin Jackson!

Jackson Edward North, born Friday April 18th, 7lb 8oz, 20 inches. We can't wait to meet you little buddy. Grayson says she likes your hair!

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Dedication Day

We dedicated Grayson at church today with her girlfriends (three other little girls from our small group). Here are some of the highlights:

She got to wear girly clothes. After only two months of being stubborn about what she'd wear, I caved in and let Mil dress her in tights, pink patent leather shoes, and a hairbow. Millie caved and let me dress her in non-frufru (Millie made) dress. I think we both won. For those of you who weren't there, she chewed on her right shoe the whole time we were on stage . . . while it was on her foot.

She got to see her Aunt (not really) Kiki and Uncle Eric. Don't let the picture fool you; this was about the only second she didn't cry while they were holding her. Sad.

After everyone (Grammashu and Granpa George, Granpa Jon, Great Mamaw, Great Aunt Karen, Kiki and Eric) left, Mil set about to doing her favorite thing in the world. Grayson doesn't really like to be held for too long, but when she does, Mil takes full advantage for 'snuggle time.'

Maymay and Peeps couldn't be there because they were welcoming our new little nephew, Jackson Edward North, into the world. They stopped by on Friday though and Grayson seemed to reassure them that she loved them anyways.
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Prunes or Lemons?

Grayson loves prunes. But she makes a face like we're feeding her lemons. And yes, I have tasted them, and no, they don't taste as sour as her face lets on. This video also shows one of her dinner time tricks...after most bites, she washes things down with a quick suck on her trusty left thumb. It creates a nice "ring around the thumb" of prunes, squash, apples, etc.


Wanna See My Trick?

Most days when I come home from work, Grayson asks me (through Millie) if I want to see her new trick.

This was yesterday's:

What made it even better was that she'd only do it while looking at the mirror, until she had some grandparents to wave to (grammashu last night and peeps and maymay today). Now it's in full force.

Also note that she'll only wave with her left-hand. No offense to you lefties out there, but I've threatened to tie her left arm behind her so she doesn't have to skew her notebook, smudge the paper, and prop up her arm when she takes notes in school.


Playtime with friends...

We had our small group over for family dinner this week.

Of the after dinner crowd that was left before bedtimes, the girls played inside...

Anna Cate told Grayson and Brooke "see ya later, sitting is sooo five months ago, crawling and cruising is in now."

Brookie and Justin had a staring contest (Brooke won for sure)...

And I tried to get Charlie to say cheese, but he replied "Miwee, I gotta run". He loved that he could do a lap around our front yard in only 10 seconds.
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Say What?!?!?

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A week in the life...

Starting at the top, left to right...
gramashu came to play on her spring break
mama made me butternut squash and yellow squash
my friend maddie and me ate dinner together (note that i've learned to smile at the camera which makes my mama happy)
we played with our daddies in our pink pants
i watched mama sew burpies for my new cousin on-the-way
daddy filed my nails and i filed my teeth
maggie licked me as usual
mama stuck me in the toy box and i loved it
gramashu came to play again! we went to the park
we had more friends over for dinner and we played in our dining room. mama forgot to get pictures of the whole crew.
daddy gave me all of my baths
i chewed on my favorite rabbit's feet
i took some naps on my tummy and slept really well
i ate (and loved) the butternut squash and some prunes too!
also, not pictured...
my grandpa came to see me for just a minute on his way to the mountains
my maymay stopped by for a quick visit too (i just missed my peeps before a nap)
daddy told me carolina lost twice in one game...the perfect ending to the perfect week
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