I'm Two!

Our fairy princess turned two last Friday! She got just what she wished for...cu-capes & balloons. Not to mention a whole week at the beach with family! More pictures to come once we get milk back in the fridge and climb out from the laundry piles.
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One, Two Almost...

Friday she'll turn two. One of her favorite new phrases, which comes directly out of my mouth I guess, is "Oh (pause) my (pause) goodness." My sentiments exactly on her birthday quickly approaching. She prefers to use the phrase for seeing twinkling stars against a black night sky, seeing otters at the science center, or seeing all of her cheerios spilled over the back seat of the car (after I calm her down from all the "uh-ohs" and tears from actually spilling them).

I wanted to get on record a few other of her favorite sayings and funny happenings...

The other week she was running a fever and hated having her temperature taken (we only have a thermometer labeled "butt" in her room by my funny husband so there was no other option that day). To ease the issue, Justin pretended to take Harvey the bear's temperature to show her it was ok. Now she walks around with her doctor's kit and "take Harvey temperature". So then I'm washing dishes one day last week, and all of a sudden I get goosed from behind by the toddler laughing and saying "take mama's temperature". I died laughing and ran around the kitchen saying "no thank you on mama's temperature!" with her giggling behind me trying to 'take' it.

She also uses "I don't know?" appropriately now, and "hmmm" while she's thinking. I overheard her trying to turn on a toy and talking to herself. It went like this: "How's this working? Hmmm, I don't know?" Then it turned on, and she said "Oh, that's right!"

She's fascinated with the animals at the science center. After we get home, she recounts what she saw, and says "Hmmm, maybe (pause with a puzzled-ish look with squinty eyes), maybe meerkats?". She uses "maybe" quite frequently. If she can't think of an animal's name, she says "Maybe, hmm, I don't know".

After our efforts to teach her that we don't say "shoot", she now says "not shoot...drat, oh man, stink". I was trying to give some other options. I never knew they would appear all in one sentence. Justin also said in the car the other day "I always overshoot this turn". I heard "not shoot, OVERshoot" from her for a few days.

If you ask her what her full name is, she replies "Grayson Wynn Fiff".

If she's wondering who else will be there or was there she says "foo else?"

If she finds something she was or was not looking for, or something I was or was not looking for, she says "I found it!".

If she wants to get rid of something she's holding, she hands it to us and says "fank you (thank you) mama" or "fank you daddy."

She calls a horsey a "forsey". If you ask her to say "ho, ho, ho, horsey", she says "ho ho ho, forsey".

Her "what is that?" question right now is "that is? (pause) who's that?"

When she's talking on her play phone, say calling mamaw, she says "Heyo Mamaw. How doins Mamaw? Taco bye bye". We could not figure out for the longest time what 'taco' was. Then I was playing with her and heard myself on the play phone saying "ok, talk to you later, bye". Talk to you later=taco. Mystery solved.

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