Magic Suit

I promise we change her clothes daily [believe me; girlfriend (as we call her) spits up on at least three outfits/day]. It's just that she looks so cute/funny in this one that it seems like she only has her picture taken wearing her Christmas Elf suit (Mil calles them sleepers, I call them suits, short for "jumpsuits".)

The first of many . . .

Grayson meets her cousin Avery and Avery meets her new favorite babydoll.


We love weekends

For the past few weeks Gray and I've gotten to go down to the curb market on Saturday mornings after Mil feeds and goes back to sleep. It doesn't get much better than a daddy/daughter day. Everybody tries to peek in the stroller and remarks about all the hair on "that baby." One vendor asked me (two weeks in a row): "what booth did you get that baby?" We go down, grab a coffee and cinnamon bun for dad and a scone for mom. Grayson gets to hold onto the scone (see picture) and I try to both a) not let Grayson fall asleep and b) not spill coffee on her head - neither one is an easy task by itself; doing both at once is nearly impossible. We go up and down the aisles and I tell her what things are (apples are easy, but try explaining fat back, goat cheese, and hand-painted gourds.) By the time we're through, she starts to fall asleep and we rush back home for a nap. Like I said, doesn't get much better.

Grayson picked out the paper whites.

One of the things Mil is trying to do to keep Christmastime less crazy (now that we have a babe) is to only do the traditions we really love. Making sugar cookies was near top on that list (since we got the lighted balls up.) So tonight we made up two sheets of cookies; I made Mil roll them extra thick so they're chewy. Grayson loved it - she was Quality Control sitting in her bouncy seat on the kitchen table.
Mmmmm. Grayson wonders if her milk will taste like sprinkles.

I guess another tradition (starting this year) is to dress up our kids in funny outfits. We sure do know how to have fun.

That might look like an ornament, but it's on her head.
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Babies, Babies, Babies!

Last week we went into Cary for Brad and Amy Boone's baby shower. They're expecting their first baby in February. It's a boy and everyone is already setting him up with Grayson; I told her she wasn't allowed to date any Boone boys until they're at least 27.

Brad and Amy Boone play craaaaaaazy baby shower games.

Lawson and his mama Karen, Millie and Grayson

I know Lawson's a thug; the rolled pant leg- is that sellin' or buyin'?

Grayson's got a great sense of humor - or she just pooted. Either way Dampa George and Grammashu love her.
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Lighted Balls in the News

There was a great piece on the news last night about the lighted balls; CLICK HERE to see it.

And, as always, go to www.lightedchristmasballs.blogspot.com for all your spherical exterior illumination needs.


11 Weeks Old

Grayson is 11 weeks old now and it's unbelievable how much she's changed. She's starting to notice people more. She still loves to watch ceiling fans, but has expanded her horizons to talking to them; Millie even says she caught her flirting with the fan in her bedroom.

She's eating well (holds my hand when I bottle feed here), and sleeping even better. In the last 4 or 5 days she's slept from 9pm (with a "dream feed" at 11pm) till 8am. She'll wake up here or there at 5 or 6 or 7, but has been putting herself back to sleep by sucking her thumb. We don't know how good we've got it.

And she's started posing for the camera more and more. Most of her poses involve a lowered eyebrow.

Girlfriend has finally found her thumb and won't let go!

Lighted Balls!!!!!!!!!

Your source for all your spherical exterior illumination informational needs: here