The Little Things

It's the little things that entertain the best...

Up close and personal with the camera (sorry for the bright flash, still cute though).

She discovered the woobi folded neatly under the side table, dragged it out, conquered the mountain, then proceeded to drag it on her expedition to the other rooms in the house. What can I say, the girl loves a good woobi.

A red plastic shovel, a yogurt container taped up with cheerios inside, a butter container taped up with rice inside, and three cute little people (Anna and Mac came for dinner!).
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Amy Sasser said...

get that girl a clippie by millie. :) thanks for having us over for a fun evening and for serving us completely! it was VERY relaxing for us! and yes, anna loves those simple toys that you have made, especially the one from the butter container!

Atkinson said...

that is such a great picture...mac loved playing with all those new and exciting toys:) thank you for dinner it was so yummy!! we need to do it again very soon..you guys are great hosts..thanks!!

justin smith said...

they look like a rock band.