I knew it was coming...

This is Grayson's sleepsack ("seepsa"). It's a wearable blanket for those unfamiliar with the term. She loves it. Its her woobi. I love sleepsacks, but somehow my daughter got seriously attached to this one. A fellow woobi lover can understand this, but I knew we were going to run into a problem. Sleepsacks don't fit forever. So I've had an action plan in place for a while now. Get her a new sleepsack, cut this old one up, sew up the holes, and make it into a woobi. I bet I've had her new one for months now. But I kept putting off the inevitable. I sewed up the holes once already. New holes busted through, but I just kept zipping her up in it each night. She'd say, with a thumb in her mouth, fingers gripping her toes, "holes". I knew the time was coming. The problem is not so much the attachment, but that she holds her feet up in the air and loves on the end of the sleepsack. Hence the holes. So I dreaded making it into a woobi, because I knew she wouldn't have it around her feet anymore. Sounds crazy, but it was what she was used to.

But finally, last night, with much encouragement from Justin, I did it. I cut it up. Sewed it up decently, even keeping the holes "because she'll like that". Bedtime came, we pumped up the new sleepsack, she seemed excited. Then she cried. It was verging on a scream. I zipped her up in the new XL one (because she had to have something on her feet to hold, even if it was a new material), and she panicked. Even with the old-one-turned-blanket in hand. She cried "sleepsa" and through her tears I translated that she was saying "put on". Oh no. I held her and tried to explain. It didn't work. I almost cried myself. If I could, I would have ripped the stitches out and sewn the zipper back in right then and there. I had to leave her in her crib crying. I seriously had to leave the room and sit down for a minute. Of course she cried for about 5 minutes and eventually went on to sleep. And of course we repeated the same scenario at naptime today. She did try to drag the new sleepsack around the house with her old one and her woobi (yes, now she has two) this morning. I promptly took it and put it in the drawer. Because even though this one is giant, it won't last forever. And I don't want to have to sew it up into woobi #3 (um, never say never).

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Atkinson said...

so sad:( i know she will love her new homemade woobi just as much!!

Mandy said...

Poor girl!!! I can sympathize

I know how attached we all can become--I still have my blanket I grew up with!!! :)
(in the attic, though!)

Anne Smith said...

uh oh......this made maymay cry on her birfday