Memorial Day Weekend

We headed to the lake with the Smith/North clan for 3 days of fun in the sun, I mean, rain.

We celebrated Maymay's birthday (or "happy to you" as Grayson sings) with mmmm good coconut cake with lime buttercream icing...

We got to eat a huge breakfast and play at a dear friend's house who had a sand and water table. Grayson pretty much thought it was the best toy she'd ever seen.

We played inside on the big green carpet with the rainy weather. This was a rare moment where all 3 kiddies were playing together, sweetly, without one or all getting distracted. I love how Jackson is right in the baby-doll-paraphernalia mix with the girls, and how Grayson is "feeding" him off of a measuring spoon.

We must have started running out of indoor play ideas because Aunt Ali turned into a jungle gym. Look at Grayson's face. Even though the pictures don't prove it, we DID get down to the dock, and all 3 kids did take dips in the lake. Even in the sprinkling rain on one day. Brrr, there was no way I was getting in. Thank goodness for daddys.

Justin taught Grayson to beatbox the week before this. At dinner one night at the lake, we all started beatboxing, but apparently Grayson thought Aunt Ali did it the best. Because now, if you ask Gray to beatbox, she passionately says "aunt a-y-ee, aunt a-y-ee, aunt a-y-ee" as if I'm going to go next door to Asheville and get Ali to come and beat box for her right at that moment. She also kept talking about "unca John-John" this week, to the point that now she calls our friend John-John, who's one-year-old mind you, "unca John-John". We stopped correcting her because it got so funny.
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johnathan and ali said...

oh, i love it. that is a really really sweet pic of the girls at the top. tell graybear, "BOOOOM chicka bah bah bah chicka". love you! - aunty ayee