Toddlers on Vacation

A day in the life of two toddler friends on vacation always starts with a good sippy cup of milk in pjs.

Then the fun really kicks up in pink life jackets as they throw rocks into the lake, fill up the baby pool, splash in the baby pool, see if they can fit the big float along with all of the American flags in the baby pool, and then take a dip in the big lake with their daddies.

The fun continues after a good nap, hamburgers for dinner, and practicing somersaults together.

Ending the day on a boat ride with their mommies and baby siblings-on-the-way. Thanks for such a fun weekend together Heritages!
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Anne Smith said...

And THIS is what Riverbank is all about. Thanks for going and drinking in the fun. Love, MayMay

melissa said...

sooo fun! it looks like they had a blast!