How The Time Flies

It's been a whirlwind these last 10 days. Our little yellow-ish baby is turning more normal colored. After much fighting and negations, Finley and Millie have come to an agreement on breastfeeding (thanks to much help from lactation consultant Linda Donovan.) She's got this robo-boob thing (also called the 'camelboob' also called the 'third boob') that is helping out since Finley is so impatient/sleepy/lazy.

Grayson is being a model citizen. She still calls her baby sister instead of Finley, but she'll get used to it soon enough. She's had a lot of help from her grandparents near and far, so she's not lacking any love. What a sweetheart.

Millie is doing better. She really needs about 8 hours or sleep per night to function and so when the doctors asked her to nurse every two hours, I think she literally growled at them. She's doing better though. And she is, by far, the most beautiful woman with a one week old that anyone has ever seen.

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Atkinson said...

love the pics of finley and grayson...i agree...mil you are an awesome mom!

Mandy said...

Millie--I think Finley resembles your mom a bit!! (That's the first person that popped in my head!!!)