We headed to Riverbank (the lake) for Easter to celebrate.

-Finley's first boat ride (I think this was her first, she liked it when we were in motion, not so much standing still with that life jacket up around her neck)
-Peeps painted Grayson's toes and Justin painted mine while I finally got to organize my coupon notebook from 3 months of disarray
-We dyed some eggs
-We took pictures of the girls in their cute matching outfits (thanks to Mamaw and to Kelly for those!)
-The nature channel visited the dock as mama duck had laid 7 eggs in a planter
-We had an egg hunt and dinner with some dear friends
-We enjoyed the summer temps around 80 degrees and Grayson enjoyed sticking her feet and then her whole body into the freezing cold lake!
-We celebrated Jesus...He has risen indeed!

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Kristin said...

They are so sweet! And beautiful!! So good to see you at the science center...

be a positive thinker!!! said...

very cute.. :)
great blog.. !!!

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Anne Smith said...

We sure love having all the little ones at Riverbank.