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This picture makes me smile every time I see it. She carefully (these shoes have heels) walked out of her room in this get-up the other week. I ran to get the camera as soon as I caught a glimpse.

Here are some highlights of her world right now and some of her funny sayings:
-She calls Justin's car "the suburrito" (her attempt at saying "subaru", we literally could not stop laughing when she said it)
-Although she rarely eats a hotdog, she calls the sausage in a biscuit "hotdog". The last time she had a hotdog she called it "sausage". Go figure.
-"Let me do it" and "Can I do it?" are frequent statements.
-She rocks at using the potty. Still in diapers at night, pullups for nap, and pullups when we go out but she only occasionally has accidents. Hooray!
-She loves pimento cheese ("menna cheese") and hummus for lunch.
-Her imagination is HUGE. She has imaginary friends. The ones we hear most frequently are Tompis and Tollis. They all have crazy names. She carries them around in her hand (it's hard to describe, I'll take a picture soon).
-We visit the library almost every week and check out books. She could have someone read to her all. day. long. She also likes to "read" herself and pretend she is "Ms. Tammy at story time". When she is pretending to read, she talks jibberish with a real word thrown in here and there. It's quite funny.
-She frequently says "wanna play with me?" or "wanna read a book to me?" in this sweet, cute, how could you resist voice.
-She still takes a nap every day for about 2 hours, but goes through these weird days now and again where she just lays in her bed and talks to herself, sings, counts, etc for the whole 2 hours instead of sleeping. Happy as can be. Little cranky before bedtime rolls around though on those days.
-Girl loves her some Sesame Street. She doesn't watch it everyday, but when I tell her she can, she gets super excited and says "Oh boy, thank you mama, I love you mama". Ha! If we are past Sesame Street's air time, she also likes a little "Clippard" (Clifford).
-She loves Bible time, craft time, letter of the week, and her day-of-the-week bins. More posts to come on this later.
-The first time she noticed Finley's bald spot on the back of her head, I told her it was where Finley's hair had rubbed off. She said "Can you put it back on?"
-She was on the potty and I was in front of her...she looked me square in the eye and says very deliberately and slowly "Mama, you look like a cow." I'm thinking, hmm, how to respond here? I said "Why do I look like a cow?" She said again very slowly "Because you have brown eyes". Whew. That was close.
-She loves to ask questions. It's constant. I have to remind myself to be thankful she is inquisitive.
-And just to keep it real, she sure is cute and funny and smart but we do also work A LOT these days on first time obedience, acting with self-control, and speaking kindly. Whew. It can be exhausting keeping up with these two! More on Finley's world soon.

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Anne Smith said...

From where I sit, every second with her is sheer delight. I love her imagination and her facial expressions - priceless. WOW COW.
Love, MayMay