Finley's World

I jotted notes down for this post about 2 months ago and as I look over them, she's already stopped doing half of the things I wrote down and has replaced them with new things!

Around 4 months, after we took her out of her swaddle and she found her thumb, she learned to roll from her back to her stomach. All fun and games during playtime but when sleeping, she would just cry if she found herself on her tummy. After about 2 weeks of going in to flip her back over, she finally got comfortable on her tummy to sleep and sleeps that way most of the time now. When she sucks her thumb, sleeping or awake, she likes to rub the back of her soft head with her left hand. I can't imagine that the bald spot will grow back any time soon. I see another woobie lover in our near future.

She is a happy baby. The only time she really cries is when she wakes up too early from a nap. She smiles a ton, but laughs only occasionally. Her first real, hearty laugh was April 13th. Random that I wrote it down, I know. I think it was prompted that day by not wanting her to feel like the second child who didn't get her baby book finished (Just for the record, Grayson's is not finished either). The one thing that guarantees a laugh every time though: Grayson jumping up and down. For some reason, Finley thinks its hilarious. She giggles every time. She has also started to mimic Grayson. Grayson will squeal, then Finley squeals. Grayson laughs and does it again. More squealing copy-cats. It can go on and on. I'm seeing foreshadows of middle school sleepovers.

She is really content on her tummy during playtime and usually just "swims" (arms and legs up and moving, balancing on her belly, just watching it makes my neck hurt). In the past few weeks she's started pushing up and straightening out those arms. She can roll from her tummy to her back in her bed, but chooses not to really do it when she is awake. She's also started reaching for toys and then pulling them into her mouth, IF one of her hands is not already occupying that drool-filled space. Still no teeth in sight.

This next picture is not for everyone, but I've got to keep it real. This child spits up more than I thought humanly possible. Grayson spit up. A. Lot. Or so I thought, as Finley spits up even more. But according to her chunky cute baby thighs and her 75th percentile in height and weight, apparently she is retaining more than she is spitting up. Most days that's hard for me to really believe. We introduced butternut squash last week and the spit up occasionally turned orange. Ewe. Seriously, it's so much that it puddles. Ewe.

And just some things about her routine for me to look back on later....she's always been a bit unpredictable with naps. Sometimes 45 minutes, sometimes 2 hours. For a mama who likes predictability (and has a 2 year old who likes to get out of the house), it's thrown us for a bit of a loop. Around 4 months she started wanting to stretch out her feeds from the 3 hour routine and we were in limbo with until about now (almost 6 months). Now we run a rough 4 hour routine, with two 1.5 ish hour naps and an evening catnap (on good days). We'll see if this new routine sticks around for a while. I also want to remember that she wakes up at the dream feed (around 10 pm). She's not supposed to wake up (hence, the dream feed name) but many nights in the last 4 weeks when I go in to feed her (previously asleep, it just about kills me) she just wakes right up thinking it's party time. She eventually goes back to sleep, but it's not ideal. I've been too chicken to just drop it cold turkey since she's finally sleeping until sometime between 7:15-8:00am. Soon, though, I've got to work it back and drop it!

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