Trip to Shu-Shu's House

I'm not sure who loves reading time more...Shu-Shu doing the reading or Grayson being read to!

Finley liked it too...

Shu-shu, Grayson cracking up, Finley squirming off the couch, and Great-Mamaw

We had such a fun time. I know this will be hard to believe but Grayson (at 3 years old) still sleeps in a crib. She loves it and has never attempted to climb out. Why change a good thing?! Even crazier, up until this weekend, she has slept in a pack n play whenever we travel. Have I mentioned before that she is in the 97th percentile for height for her age? Um, yeah. She never complained once about the pack n play being too small but seeing her curled up in there made me start to feel like we might get busted for child neglect. Or that she might bust a leg through a side one night by accident. So we decided this weekend we would sleep her on a pallet on the floor. She did great. Her pallet was in our room and she woke up when we came in to get into bed. Good thing, because she was burning up and covered in sweat. I panicked and thought she was running an outrageous fever. Then it clicked that we put her to bed in my sleeping bag. I used my bag for camping and backpacking, probably too insulated for sleeping in a heated house. Oops. Moved her under blankets instead and she slept like a champ! Maybe a big girl bed will be in her near future after all.
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