A Whole New World

Justin caught Finley pulling up at the play kitchen a few weeks ago, so proud of herself. She had been pulling up to her knees for a while, but then finally figured out how to stand on those wobbly feet.

It took her a while longer to figure out she could stand up in her bed. Thankfully she figured out very quickly how to sit back down.

In other baby news she has made the jump to almost all finger foods now. Sometimes I give her a jar of mush if I've run out of things-that-can-be-cut-up-into-soft-small-pieces, but she pretty much turns her nose up at it. Favorites include mac n cheese, corn, peas, lima beans, peaches, pears, bananas, pancakes, and yogurt. Those eight teeth are hard at work. She will also really drink out of a sippy cup now. We've been sticking with water so far but it's just about time to try out whole milk.

She is babbling much more now, saying "mama" and "mah" for Maggie. "Dada" comes out on occasion, and something like "deh deh" sometimes comes out for Grayson (Gray-Gray). She also loves to take a burp cloth, cover her face, and then pull it down herself to play peek-a-boo. She's not picking up on any sign language yet, except for this one "sign" she makes that looks like the sign for "hot". We can't quite figure out if that's what she really means (we sign it when she tries to touch our blazing hot oven), or if she is just playing with it. She signs it at odd times.

She also seems to crawl mostly on hands and knees now instead of army crawling on her belly. And occasionally she lifts one hand high into the air and looks at you. It's hard to resist giving an almost 11 month old a high five.
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Anne Smith said...

Nothing is safe anymore! What a doll. I love her sense of humor.