Happy Easter

So I feel like I always say this on this here blog, but I really do have SO much to catch up on from the last few weeks. For starters, we signed a contract a few weeks ago to sell our house. Such a huge answered prayer and also a huge crazy time as we work through all of the details of the sale and hunt for a new house! We close May 31st and no, we have not quite figured out where we will be living next. Welcome to the craziness.

A week ago my sweet husband also surprised me with the best date night on record. More on that soon. How in the world he managed to pull that one off with all that we have going on is still beyond me. But boy did he pull it off!

First things first though. Happy Monday after Easter! We decided this year that we wanted to make the season of Lent much more meaningful for our family. We have greatly enjoyed our Advent Tree at Christmas the past two years, so we started a Lenten Tree this year. With 40 lessons to read we definitely had to double (or triple) up some days to cover days that we missed, but overall, it was a big success. Here is a picture of it in its more "pretty days". The leaves on the backyard peach tree branches finally fell off and the 40 ornaments started overtaking the branches towards the end. Next year I'll start with leafless branches and make them much bigger to hold the ornaments. Search for "The Lenten Tree" on amazon if you're interested in the book. I just photocopied the symbols for each day (author gives permission), mounted them on scrapbook paper and tied with ribbon. We all enjoyed it.

After walking through 20 houses Monday and Tuesday and not seeing anything we were super crazy about, we decided it was a good time to take a break to the lake with the holiday weekend. MayMay and Peeps were already planning to be there, so we joined them on Good Friday. Finley was rocking a new outfit from ShuShu along with her pigtails, cheesing it up for the camera.

On Saturday, we enjoyed a family egg dyeing session, and then headed off to a cookout and egg hunt with good friends. Grayson's excitement about the candy in the eggs was over the top. She was asked repeatedly this weekend "is Easter about the candy and eggs or about Jesus?" From an older expert sweet tooth, it is quite possible to answer this question correctly and still get excited about the sugar. We are celebrating after all!

Easter morning we woke the girls up and brought them into the living room for one more egg hunt. This time there was a special empty egg to represent the tomb being empty. When they found it, they both received a small gift. Grayson's other eggs had more candy of course, and Finley's were filled with baby puffs. Please note the top right picture in the collage below. I thought Finley was so cute eating all of her puffs out of her eggs, smiling and holding her bunny. Until I realized that there was bright red drool dripping from her mouth. Puffs are not red. Skittles are red. Sneaky.

We also made Resurrection Rolls for breakfast (just google for a recipe), which were another great addition to our Easter celebration. We rejoice that the tomb is empty. He has risen, He has risen indeed!
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