Summer Update

I finally found my camera cord. Thankfully it was not buried in our garage at the new house, better known as our storage unit, where the DVD that I owe to the library is conveniently still located in our DVD player. Which is packed in a box. Which is packed among lots of boxes. Stacked to the ceiling (sigh). At least I now have the camera cord.

Yes, we moved. Four and a half weeks ago actually. We've been camping out at the grandparents' house, better known as Toad Hall (for those Wind in the Willows fans, that will make more sense). If you know the story of Rat, Mole, Toad and their friends, it will make you laugh that I saw this drawing up on the front hall table here at the house. See here. In the story, all the "wild wooders" like the weasels and foxes and such take over Toad Hall and cause a big ruckus. We ARE the wild wooders. From our piles of sippy cups and wet bathing suits to Grayson's love for stacking cushions into crash piles and Finley's current love of swishing her hands in the potty, the wild wooders have for sure landed. MayMay and Peeps claim they love it. I do know that it will be very quiet when we leave!

Even though we have been renovating the new house like crazy in all of our "free" time, we still have been doing typical summer things. ShuShu has been coming to play once a week, which has been great for all of us. Finley is walking and talking and her hair is so long it's in her eyes. She rips out and tries to eat any clippie to hold it back. Grayson has taken a week of swim lessons, is getting more brave about going underwater, and is in vacation Bible school this week, loving every minute. We've been eating lots of ice cream and we made chocolate covered frozen bananas. We also made 24 sweet potato and raisin muffins (from a mix). The golden retriever ate 16 and had to take "medicine" to upchuck them because raisins are bad for dogs. Pure entertainment for a three year old let me tell you. Wild wooders unite.

Now that I have my camera cord, I will attempt to post in-process pictures of the new house. It has been quite the adventure, one that will continue for a while I'm sure. It's tiring, but good. We hope to be there in a couple more weeks. Here are a few shots that I've captured of some summer fun.

Swim lessons...
Bubble fun on the porch at Toad Hall...

On. The. Go.
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