Even though it was a bit of a whirlwind to see all of our family over four days, we sure are thankful that everyone lives in the same state for that to be possible!

We kicked it off with a Wednesday night dinner and a Thursday morning breakfast with Maymay and Peeps and the North crew (cousins) who were in town (pictures soon once I download them).

Then we headed out of town to Uncle Lee's (Shushu's brother) for a super yummy lunch. Grayson was excited in this picture because everyone gave her and Finley their prizes when we played a post-lunch game of bingo. It pays to be the youngest in the crowd. I remember those days. She had also just eaten two slices of pumpkin cheesecake and was working on a cookie. Sugar is an essential piece of the holidays around here.

Friday we had the same idea as half of the town of Raleigh and headed out to enjoy the weather at Pullen Park. I visited this park so many times as a kid that it was really fun to bring the girls. The park recently had a makeover and it was well worth being there with the crowds. We wore Mamaw out!

Friday night we headed back home and Pop-Pop came for a weekend visit. Here he was making up a song about Grayson's woobies before bedtime. She loved it.

We are thankful for our family!
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