I have a lot to blog about, but this just happened about an hour ago. Too classic to not go ahead and post...

I leave the girls downstairs with some stickers, paper, and ONE marker each. Finley had green, Grayson had black. Ten minutes later Grayson comes barging into the bathroom saying "Finley has something she wants to show you! (Giggle giggle)". It was 10 minutes before nap time and just for the record, no one knocked on the bathroom door before barging in.

At first glance it looked like it was just spots on Finley's shirt, pants, fingers and toes. Then Grayson pulled up her pants legs and giggled some more. The funny thing was that Grayson kept acting like it was all Finley. Which I thought too with the massive amounts of green, until I saw the four-year-old's name perfectly tattooed in black marker down Finley's leg. How many times have I said that markers are for paper only? Seriously. I really dislike markers. I am sure thankful it was not the wall, or the carpet, but after a good scrub in the bath, she is still green. "Washable" is debatable.
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Whitney Hannam said...

Totally have a 2yr old to 2 yr old connection...SC was allowed to color with markers in the car the other day on our road trip. I wasn't paying attention b/c I was reading to Ollie. When we looked up she also had her hands covered in green marker, we are still trying to wash it off. Oh the joys!