Impromptu Photo Shoot

Merry Christmas! PopPop came through for a visit today and as I was sorting these photos, I thought I'd go ahead and blog a few since it's been quite a long time since a post. We stole Justin from work for a few minutes and ran downtown for a few shots. Baby brother is 26 weeks today.

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Mandy said...

Millie! I am super excited for you! I LUV, LUV, LUV my lil boys and know that you will too! Boys are super cool and sweet and wild! At some point, I want to make my way to come see you and meet your hubbie and kiddos. I love reading your blog updates and enjoy seeing your family grow. Thanks for keeping up with it! Good luck in the next couple months as baby grows and the girls anticipate his birth. Wasn't Christmas this year a tad more meaningful? It was for me when I knew I was expecting. much love to you.