A month of reunions

This past weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. Go Apex Cougars. The funny thing about it is that we are still great friends with everyone from high school. I don't think it's common, but it just so happen that most of us stayed in Young Life as college leaders, and the majority of us either went to NC State or the other (blue) school. All of my college roommates were my best friends from high school. And even funnier, Justin is friends with everyone as well. So the high school reunion was just a good excuse for us to try to pile all of our babies onto one couch. I'm not sure why we thought we'd get a good picture of this many little ones. But they sure were good sports about it, until they started crying and squirming. There were many more funny pictures, but at least here, you get a decent shot of one half of the couch and then the other. Thanks Kivetts for hosting the mayhem for lunch!

Notice Grayson here holding down John's head. She's obsessed with it. We've taught her to "pat pat" things, like Maggie and stuffed animals. Whenever she sees John's head, she pat pats it, and he smiles.

Grayson was lovin' snuggling up with her two handsome potential future husband choices (John Boone on the left, Oak Fischer on the right).

And here are the girls at the country club later that night, all dressed up and mom-purse free. If I had more time, I'd hunt down a high school picture and scan it in. But, in reality, we mostly look the same except for a few changes in hair cuts (way to go ladies!).
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