Donald Miller goes to Washington, err Denver

Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz, and one of the more interesting writers I've come across (listen to me . . . like I "come across" a lot of authors . . . like I'm all enrolled in "Book-It" or something) was invited to pray at the Democratic National Convention this week.

When asked why an evangelical christian author would pray at the DNC he said something to the effect of "when someone asks to to pray, then you pray." Hmm, good answer.

I found my way to his blog, where he wrote a hilarious recap of his email correspondence with the Obama campaign here. Favorite part: when he starts signing his name "Donald" after repeated requests for them to call him "Don".

Anyways. Found this 13 Paradigm Shifts two-pager there too. Pretty simple, yet great thoughts.

Here's the prayer, I mean, invocation:

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jonathan smith said...

13 paradigm shifts. Mighty good stuff to remember to put in practice I'd say, worth stapling to the back of my eyelids so I don't forget.