Grandparent Fun...

On Thanksgiving night we headed to Raleigh and spent the night with Grammashu and Dampa George. Then it was off to great-Mamaw's for lunch on Friday. Justin and I then got the special treat of being baby-free for an afternoon and night as we came back to Greensboro and Grayson stayed another night in Raleigh. We did stop off for a matinee movie and a little shopping, but then we came home and cleaned out our attic. We sure know how to have a good time. Grammashu sadly picked up a bad cold, so the baby-free weekend was cut a little short, but Grayson sure had fun.

Then on Sunday we had a short visit from Pop-Pop (dad's new grandpa name which Grayson promptly was able to say), and then it was off to the Sunset Hills Lighted Christmas Ball Party. I didn't take any pictures there. I'm completely fired.
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