Sick Feet

One of Grayson's favorite books has a line of opposites that say "well feet, sick feet". The character is happily juggling in the well feet picture, and is laying in bed with a thermometer in the sick feet picture. Our house has been full of sick feet for the last 8 days. First Grayson got the head cold and was miserable for a week. Then I picked it up and have been in bed for the last four days at every chance. Awful! But as long as Justin stays well, I think we've turned a corner. Catching up on a few things that happened before sick feet set in.

Trip to Lowes in the freezing cold to pick out our tree. I knew with a curious toddler that there was only one corner in the living room where it might not get pulled over at every step, but tall and skinny were requirements for the space. Grayson was not impressed on this outing.

First taste of Mamaw's famous sugar cookie recipe. More impressed here.

When I felt good but Grayson was still sick, Grammashu came to visit so Justin and I could get to Raleigh for a shower (pictures in another post). Whenever Grayson walks into the room and the tree is lit, she points at it, eyebrows go up, eyes get big, and she babbles as she toddles towards it. Thankfully she's done really well with not pulling off every ornament and "just looking". It helps that it's surrounded by furniture.

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