Farmer's Market Season Returns

Mil was leading worship at the women's fellowship at church this AM so Pookie and I went to the Market. Out of the blue, Jeff called and he and Eli joined up with us. Here are the highlights:

After we got out cinnamon bun, I let her hold it as we walked around. A few minutes later, I looked down and saw she couldn't resist. Whoops.

Coffee in Millie's inspirational mug. It's kinda blurry, but the message it speaks is so clear: "You're an Essential Piece." It really inspires me to keep drinking my coffee.

Lastly, we scored some flowers for Mil.

Grayson was counting them here. It goes: "teyooo, faaaa, siihh, sewah, ti, yay" (translation: two, five, six, seven, ten, yay!)
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Anne Smith said...

peeps and may may say - better than any baby scrapbook. what a cutie.