He has risen; He has risen indeed!

To kick off our fun-filled Easter weekend, Grayson stayed with Gramashu and Dampa George in Cary Thursday through Saturday morning while "Shu" was on spring break. Happy spring break to mama too! I got maybe 1/3rd of my "to do" list done, but Grayson apparently lived it up.

Back at home, we baked a cake together on Saturday. I love Grayson's "cheese" here for the camera! And how about those aprons?! Ha.

And of course an Easter egg hunt at church. She knew exactly what to do when they said "go". Ten eggs went straight into her basket.

Then it was off to church on Sunday morning to celebrate with friends. I love the one on the top right where Maddie is looking at Grayson, waiting patiently for her to grab on and hold Anna Cate's hand for the picture.

Then it was off to the house for lunch with grandparents. Top left is Grayson licking icing off my finger and bottom left was her attempt at yogurt consumption at lunch.

My friend Jan sends out weekly emails that I cherish. Yesterday she talked about how we get all pumped up and excited about Easter, and then the week afterwards, we're back to the grind and living in the after-sugar-rush. But she wisely pointed out that after the resurrection, Jesus' disciples just went back to doing what they knew how to do: fish (John 21:1-13). And the great thing was, Jesus showed up and provided a whole bunch of fish when they thought there were none to be found. So after her sweet reminder, we're back to life here this week with play dates, coupon-clipping, cleaning house, cooking and to-do lists; knowing that Jesus shows up in it all because He has risen indeed.
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justin smith said...

Amen to Jan.

And check out the cereal boxes on top of our fridge.