Snow and An Update

Grayson and I logged about 6 hours outside this last weekend in 8" of snow. She mostly just wanted to eat the snow and I gave up telling her not to. I ended up just showing her that she could eat white, fresh snow, but had to stay away from brown, green, or yellow snow and any snow with footprints in it. Good luck with that.

In other news, we're still alive and doing fairly well here. Finley still doesn't really understand how to nurse and likes to grunt a lot during the night; both frustrating habits that we're hopeful to help her break. Grayson is mostly a model citizen and asks Finley questions like she expects an answer any minute. Mil is back to being full-time wonderwoman; she even sewed a nursing cover for a friend the other night (our lawyer would want me to mention that sewing machines are not toys and we do not condone the use of such heavy needle-wielding machinery on so little sleep.)
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Elisa, Croatia said...

Hello found you via blogger. Snow sure looks appetizing hu? I used to live in Iowa and I remember all too well the frigid temperatures.