An update...

The grandparents are demanding an update with pictures, so here we go. Needless to say, life is busy with two!

...loves her little sister but is not too interested in her to where she wants to be in her space all the time (good thing!)
...loves to sing, read library books, and play with playdough these days
...has learned what the word "family" means and uses it all the time..."I go to chik-fil-a with my family". it's entirely too cute.
We've been blessed in a big way to have 3 meals a week brought to us by family and friends over the last month. grayson is quick to ask at every meal we eat now "who brought this?" or when we get her up from her nap "who's coming for dinner?" she's about to be bored when mama starts cooking again here soon.

...weighs 11lbs now at 7 weeks, not so much a little peanut anymore (10lbs and 1 month check was 75th percentile in weight, and they think they measured her wrong at the hospital because at one month she had "shrunk" to 22 1/4 inches long instead of 23, still 90th something percentile though either way)
...has switched to nursing during the day! woohoo! i'm still working on it with her but so far its been pretty good for one week. huge answer to prayer.
...started sleeping through the night most nights when i switched her to nursing. another huge answer to prayer!
...really learning to use that smile now to turn on the cuteness (especially when she smiles at justin when he comes home from work)
...will turn her head to grayson's voice and will quickly smile when grayson pauses to talk to her
...started not really wanting to nap in her crib. hmmm. we still battle with some reflux issues. she's a spitter just like her sister was and we are both changing outfits multiple times througout the day. justin says i need to wear a poncho when burping her.

One of Grayson's favorite things is..."I want Finley to wake me up". So if Finley is up first and done nursing in the morning or after Grayson's naptime, we both head in to wake her up. Grayson thinks its the best thing in the world. Finley seems to love the crib party as well. Grayson is quick to share her woobie's holes with Finley. "Want a hole Finley?"

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Atkinson said...

i love it! they are so sweet!

Mandy said...

thx for the update! love the pictures! Reminds me of Dylan when he was 'nurturing' Evan as a babe! Good times!

Glad to hear nursing is going better!

willson said...

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