Apolo Anton Ohno

In the spirit of the winter Olympics, Justin and Grayson dressed up like Apolo Ohno and "speed skated" down the hallway. I was getting Finley ready for bed and caught them putting on Maggie's (clean) bandanas...

Grayson loved the Olympics this year, but was mostly interested in the figure skating because we pumped it as "like ballet" on ice. Girl loves just about anything that involves a tutu and spinning. Her favorite moment was when they showed a short video clip of Rachael Flatt skating when she was only 3 years old. Thankfully it was recorded on tape (yes we still own a VHS) so we could actually fulfill the "I see it again mama!" request.
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Anne Smith said...

They sure have a lot of fun together. They both have quite the imagination! Love, MayMay

Mandy said...

That is such a sweet Daddy and daughter moment!! Don't you love capturing these times!? It will be fun (and happy tears streaming) when we reread all of our 'diaries' when they are all grown!