Consignment Sales

It's that season again, and Grayson got a special treat at this year's consignment sales. We're still working on it of course, but she's digging the "new" ride. I mean really, how old does this 2-year-old look?! Around the sales she said at lunch one day "I can get new mamas at the consignment sales". Ha. Guess she wasn't so thrilled with me that day. A big change from her current status of wanting to be near mama 24/7.

A few updates in her toddler world..
--She rarely stops talking. Today we left the house at 8:30 to get free Chik-fil-a chicken minis, delivered some to Justin at work, and then drove to storytime at 9:30. I listened carefully and she did not stop talking except for when she was swallowing her breakfast. Literally.
--She loves to sing songs.
--She loves to ask questions. Especially about people's names and animal's names.
--She thinks everyone must own a cat or a dog.
--She is starting to negotiate. "One more minute?" is a frequent request.
--She is still a great eater and has developed her mama's sweet tooth. Especially for icecream.
--Whenever she sees Finley she either says a) "Hey little buddy" or b) she sing-songs "Finley Finley Finley"
--Whenever she sees a dog or a baby she says "awwwwwww, look at that doggie/baby"
--We've been working on a "letter of the week" for the past 4 weeks and she's starting to recognize her letters (crazy to me!).

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