Our Little Monet

If I had to bet, Grayson spends an hour a day with her magna-doodle in her hand (either dragging it around or drawing on it . . . thanks Sassers, best gift ever). Here are some highlights.

Clockwise from top-left:

"Our Family" (big daddy, tall mama, grayson with pony tail, and short finley),
"Guy with 1.5 Ears"
"Ferris Wheel" (As I was walking out of the house to work one day, I told Grayson to draw me a ferris wheel. Mil said sometime later, she walked in and saw this on Gray's magna-doodle. Note this is mostly due to practice, not brilliance: it was only after I had already drawn her a minimum of 100 ferris wheels over the past month."
"All Arms and Legs"
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