Harper Came to Town!

Technically her and Aunt Kiki really came to see baby Luke Boone but we got some of the love along the way too. This was also in April. Again, better late than never. Harper was enthralled with Grayson. And Grayson was super excited about a baby reaching out for her to try to eat her face. I keep telling her it won't be long before Finley does the same (and keep thinking in my head that she probably won't like it as much when it happens all the time). Harper is about 2-ish months older than Finley. Kristin and I are certain they will be best friends like their mamas. Photo shoots trying to capture good shots of the little ones crack me up. Finley looks 'shocked' as Gray would say. Harper started upright and slowly made her way down the pillow by the end of the 5 minute session. Grayson couldn't quite figure out what to do with her (long) arms. Funny girls.

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