Oh the imagination

I walk in from cleaning up breakfast dishes to find her dollhouse people all sitting in their chairs facing forward.

I ask her what everyone is doing..."singing" she says, as she belts out her latest song full of made-up words to the tune of something sounding like a mix between 'jesus loves me' and the 'grand ol' duke of york'.

I have a boo-boo of dry skin around my finger where my wedding bands live. I took them off and put some medicine on it, as she was watching. She then says "EWE! Mama! You need to CUT OFF THAT FINGER!". I'm dying laughing. I say "what will I do without a finger?", she says "I don't know but you need to CUT. IT. OFF! Ewe!".

We go the post office and she asks for a "sticker". I give her one and explain to her that it's actually a mailing label. We mail our package to Aunt Kiki and get back in the car. I get everyone buckled in and she says "mama, look!". I look and the mailing label is stuck to her leg. She says "I'm mailing my leg to Aunt Kiki!" and laughs so hard. I say "how are you going to walk without your leg?" She says "I'll use my foot!"

All four of us are riding in the car. She asks Justin if he can roll down her window. He says no, because its too windy here on the highway. She says "well, can you roll my window down when we get on the low-way?" We laugh. And then she says "when are we going to be on the low-way?"

Seriously, I need to carry a notebook around to write down all of the funnies.

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