The Party

Only 22 days after the party preview post, I finally get the details blogged!!

One of Grayson's top things to play with is a sand and water table. So we decided to throw her a "Sand and Water Party". Borrowing 3 more tables from family and friends, we had plenty of sand and water for our friends to play with on this rainy day. It was so fun to be able to use the new screened in porch for a party! Here was the set-up:

The tables were filled with mostly water, some sand, and lots of seashells and toys. The seashells were from our family vacation, which was in September and has also yet to be blogged. Yikes. Anyways, the cake was an island with teddy graham bears in bathing suits, swimming in an ocean with fish, idea courtesy of Family Fun magazine (a favorite around here!). I got to buy a huge new sheet cake pan for this one and got to eat some of my favorite candies while decorating (during naptime of course or there would have been a riot). We collected a ton of seashells on our trip to give away as party favors.

And then there was the party garland! Seriously, it was much easier to make than I anticipated. I have been talking about making one for a while and Justin convinced me to just go ahead with it this time. He even helped me cut out all of the triangles (which took the most time but was still not too bad, especially with rotary cutters) and then I sewed it in about an hour. If you want to make your own, I used this link but instead of different smaller shapes I just made a pattern for one larger sized triangle. I also skipped the invisible thread after it kept jamming my sewing machine and switched to hot pink since most of my fabrics had pink in them.

Here are all of our friends and family enjoying the festivities. Click on the collage to enlarge it if it's hard to see all of the pictures.

Happy third birthday sweet girl!
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