This year we started something that I have a feeling will become a tradition in the Christmas season...we took Grayson to see her first performance of the Nutcracker. Let me just tell you, these 3 year old cuties might have been unsure of the Mouse King at first, but they warmed up to the whole idea pretty quickly. From piling into the Suburban together, to meeting the characters and getting autographs and pictures, to sipping "tea" afterwards at lunch, they thoroughly enjoyed their day.

It apparently left a huge impression too as its now almost a month later and I still get the request multiple times a day.. "ok mama, I'm going to be Clara and you be the Mouse King...wait...you be the snow dancers and I'll be Clara...wait...you be the mice and I'll be Clara". It goes on and on and on. She's almost always Clara though. She has a perfect white dress up gown for the occasion (thanks Aunt Ali, you didn't even realize it was going to be perfect get-up for pretending to be Clara!) Shu-shu also brought her a book this weekend that tells the story of the ballet. This has helped immensely with her reenactments!

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Atkinson said...

can they be any cuter? would it be bad if mac joined next year? yes--charlie would kill me:)